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Pound for Pound, Taiwan Is the Most Important Place in the World
(New York Times, 12/14/2020, Ruchir Sharma)

China launches ‘gray-zone’ warfare to subdue Taiwan
(Reuters, 12/10/2020, Yimou Lee, David Lague, and Ben Blanchard)

Two Chinese warplanes intrude into Taiwan’s ADIZ
(Taiwan News, 11/28/2020, Matthew Strong)

Beijing confirms jail sentence for Taiwanese professor
(Focus Taiwan, 11/25/2020, Lawrence Chiu and Chiang Yi-ching)

With the world distracted, China intimidates Taiwan
(The Economist, 4/11/2020, “Strait and harrow”)

In a blow to China, Taiwan’s president coasts to a second term
(The Economist, 1/11/2020, “Tsai win-win”)

Cheered on by China, Taiwan’s opposition drubs the ruling party
(The Economist, 12/1/2018, “Tsai swiped”)

Tsai Ing-wen and DPP Win Big in Taiwan
(CSIS, 1/18/2016, Bonnie S. Glaser and Jacqueline Vitello)

Politics in Taiwan: Sunflower sutra
(The Economist, 4/8/2014, “Sunflower sutra”)

Politics in Taiwan: Manning the trade barriers
(The Economist, 3/29/2014, “Manning the trade barriers”)