Taiwan to extend mandatory military service from 4 to 12 months
(Radio Free Asia – rfa.org, 12/27/22, rfa staff)

2022 elections: DPP routed across the board
(Taipei Times, 11/27/22, Kayleigh Madjar)

U.S. Aims to Turn Taiwan Into Giant Weapons Depot
(New York Times, 10/05/22, Edward Wong and John Ismay)

China turns to military microaggressions to demoralize Taiwan
(Taiwan News, 09/28/22, Matthew Strong)

Taiwan to install drone defences after video posted on Chinese social media of soldiers throwing rocks
(Reuters via Australian Broadcasting Corporation – ABC News, 08/25/22)

A second US congressional delegation visits Taiwan
(CNN, 08/15/22, Eric Cheung and Devan Cole)

Pelosi arrives in Taiwan vowing U.S. commitment; China enraged
(Reuters, 08/02/22, Yimou Lee and Sarah Wu)

China’s military may be capable of war against Taiwan and allied forces by 2027: MND
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 06/04/22, Matt Yu and Lee Hsin-Yin)

The Topsy-Turvy End of Zero COVID in Taiwan
(New Yorker, 05/23/22, Clarissa Wei)

What We Know About the California Church Shooter
(Vice, 05/17/22, Rachel Cheung)

Former VP Lu suggests Taiwan-China federation
(Taipei Times, 05/08/22, Jason Pan)

Half of Taiwanese don’t believe U.S. would send troops if China invades
(Nikkei Asia, 04/27/22, Hideaki Ryugen)

The Sunflower Legacy on Taiwan’s Party System
(Taiwan Insight – U. of Nottingham, 03/18/22, Dafydd Fell)

China Is Not Russia. Taiwan Is Not Ukraine.
(United States Institute of Peace, 03/04/22, Andrew Scobell and Lucy Stevenson-Yang)

With beer, rum and chocolate, Taiwan rallies behind Lithuania in spat with China
(Washington Post, 01/06/22, Lily Kuo)

Four referendum questions fail to pass on low turnout
(Focus Taiwan, 12/18/21, Teng Pei-ju)

Nicaragua ends relations with Taiwan in diplomatic victory for China
(CNN, 12/10/21, Karol Suarez, Isa Soares and Ben Westcott)

U.S. invites Taiwan to its democracy summit; China angered
(Reuters, 11/24/2021, Humeyra Pamuk)

Taiwan: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
(HBO, 10/24/21, John Oliver)

China is racheting up military pressure on Taiwan
(The Economist, 10/09/21, “Menacing Taiwan: Too close for comfort”)

Harvard Beijing Academy’s Move to Taipei
(The Crimson, 10/07/21, Io Y. Gilman and Isabel Wu)

Former New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu elected KMT chairman
(Focus Taiwan, 09/25/21, Elizabeth Hsu and Teng Pei-ju)

China’s Ban on Taiwan Pineapples Backfires as New Buyers Step In
(Bloomberg, 08/05/21, Betty Hou)

Retired Taiwan general tells military to overthrow DPP, surrender to China
(Taiwan News, 07/30/21, Keoni Everington)

China Says U.S. Trespassing in Its Airspace After Documents Sent to Taiwan
(Newsweek, 07/15/21, John Feng)

The most dangerous place on Earth
(The Economist, 05/01/21, “Superpower politics” )

A shockingly possible war: China’s growing military confidence puts Taiwan at risk
(The Economist, 05/01/21, “China and Taiwan: Something wicked this way comes”)

China to ban Taiwan pineapples starting March 1
(Taiwan News, 02/26/21, Sylvia Teng)

China’s latest weapon against Taiwan: the sand dredger
(Reuters, 02/05/21, Yimou Lee)

Pompeo voids restrictions on diplomatic contacts with Taiwan
(AP, 1/9/2021, Kevin Freking)

NCC orders phone recall over malware
(Taipei Times, 1/7/2021, Shelley Shan)

Taiwan says Chinese jets made record 380 incursions in 2020
(AFP via Channel News Asia, 1/5/2021)

Pound for Pound, Taiwan Is the Most Important Place in the World
(New York Times, 12/14/2020, Ruchir Sharma)

China launches ‘gray-zone’ warfare to subdue Taiwan
(Reuters, 12/10/2020, Yimou Lee, David Lague, and Ben Blanchard)

Beijing confirms jail sentence for Taiwanese professor
(Focus Taiwan, 11/25/2020, Lawrence Chiu and Chiang Yi-ching)

With the world distracted, China intimidates Taiwan
(The Economist, 4/11/2020, “Strait and harrow”)

In a blow to China, Taiwan’s president coasts to a second term
(The Economist, 1/11/2020, “Tsai win-win”)

Cheered on by China, Taiwan’s opposition drubs the ruling party
(The Economist, 12/1/2018, “Tsai swiped”)

Tsai Ing-wen and DPP Win Big in Taiwan
(CSIS, 1/18/2016, Bonnie S. Glaser and Jacqueline Vitello)

Politics in Taiwan: Sunflower sutra
(The Economist, 4/8/2014, “Sunflower sutra”)

Politics in Taiwan: Manning the trade barriers
(The Economist, 3/29/2014, “Manning the trade barriers”)