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Public order in Singapore has been shaken by a hand-drawn smiley face
(The Economist, 11/28/2020, “Crime in Singapore: a city reels”)

Switzerland of Asia: Singapore increases presence as tech hub
(Nikkei Asia, 11/5/2020, Mercedes Ruehl)

Why so many Singaporeans voted for the opposition
(The Economist, 7/18/2020, “Singapore’s election: Gluttons for punishment”)

Singapore’s ruling party wins easily – but its vote falls sharply
(The Economist, 7/10/2020, “PAP squeak”)

GE 2020: Full results
(Straits Times, 7/10/2020)

Singapore’s ruling party calls an election
(The Economist, 6/25/2020, “An election in Singapore: Thirteenth time lucky”)

Singapore has almost wiped out its mother tongues
(The Economist, 2/22/2020, “Mandarins for Mandarin”)

Financial centres in Asia
(The Economist, 10/10/2019, “A tale of two cities”)

Politics in Singapore
(The Economist, 8/1/2019, “Hazy”)

Singapore’s government struggles to promote procreation
(The Economist, 5/25/2019, “Baby strike”)

How Singapore’s incumbent banks are preparing for competition
(The Economist, 5/2/2019, “Reforming the incumbents”)

Singapore’s ruling party reveals the next prime minister
(The Economist, 12/1/2018, “Rolling out 4G”)

Singaporean government decides that only one candidate is fit to be president
(The Economist, September 16th-22nd, 2017, “No contest”)

Singapore files an application to begin contempt of court proceedings against Harvard economist
(The Economist, August 12th-18th, 2017, “Bad blood”)

Housing in Singapore
(The Economist, July 8th-14th, 2017, “The high life”)

Singapore Voters Give Ruling Party a Resounding Victory
(New York Times, 9/11/2015)

GE2015: Live Results
(Straits Times, published 9/11/2015, updated 9/12/2015)

Lee Kuan Yew
(The Economist, 3/26/2015, “Asia’s city-statesman”)