Links (January 2022)

Hong Kong leader delays filling post, raising questions about judiciary’s independence
(Reuters, 01/31/22, Greg Torode)

Living by the Code: In China, Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the Virus
(NYT, 01/30/22, Chris Buckley, Vivian Wang and Keith Bradsher)

Australian PM Fumbles WeChat Account in Election Season
(China Digital Times, 01/28/22, Oliver Young)

Xi Jinping’s iron grip on power brings new form of corruption, China experts tell US congressional advisory panel
(SCMP via Yahoo Finance, 01/28/22, Jacob Fromer)

Low-carbon ambitions must not interfere with ‘normal life’, says Xi Jinping
(The Guardian, 01/26/22, Vincent Ni)

Taiwan’s president: ‘the way of Tsai’ part I, the KMT side of Tsai
(Taiwan News, 01/26/22, Courtney Donovan Smith – 石東文)

Laws to be amended to combat spying: Chris Tang
(RTHK, 01/26/22)

China flies 39 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone in a day
(AFP via CBS News, 01/24/22)

Lithuania needs much more than removing ‘Taiwan’ from office name to mend ties with China
(Global Times, 01/22/22, Zhang Tengjun)

‘My hell in Beijing’s sterilisation camp’: Uighur Muslim incarcerated for three years at a ‘re-education’ jail relives chilling ordeal
(Daily Mail, 01/22/22, Gulbahar Haitiwaji)

UK Intelligence Agency Targets China’s United Front
(The Diplomat, 01/22/22, Duncan Bartlett)

Sink or swim: Australia, Taiwan face deep sub dilemmas
(Asia Times, 01/22/22, Gabriel Honrada)

Chinese Government Has Coerced 10,000 “Fugitives” Back to China
(China Digital Times, 01/20/22, Oliver Young)

Taiwan’s TSMC looks to maintain lead over Samsung with $44 billion CAPEX
(Taiwan News, 01/18/22, Eric Chang)

Changes in Leadership Emphasize Antiterrorism Approach in Hong Kong
(China Digital Times, 01/11/22, Oliver Young)

With beer, rum and chocolate, Taiwan rallies behind Lithuania in spat with China
(Washington Post, 01/06/22, Lily Kuo)

US, Germany support Lithuania in spat with China over Taiwan
(AP, 01/05/22)