Links (March 2023)

Xi Jinping Says He Is Preparing China for War: The World Should Take Him Seriously
(Foreign Affairs, 03/29/23, John Pomfret and Matt Pottinger)

Return of the Party: Shifting Power from the Mandarin Class To the Political Class
(, 03/28/23, Damien Ma)

Former Taiwan president arrives in China pledging peace
(Reuters, 03/27/23, Fabian Hamacher and Ann Wang)

Honduras establishes diplomatic ties with China, severs them with Taiwan
(CNN, 03/26/23, Eric Cheung)

Xi Jinping’s Chinese Tragedy
(Project Syndicate, 03/24/23, Orville Schell interviewed by Irena Grudzinska Gross)

Why Taiwan’s 2024 Presidential Election is Wide Open
(Jamestown Foundation, 03/17/23, Matthew Fulco)

Heavyweight Xi Jinping gives himself a lightweight cabinet
(Nikkei Asia, 03/16/23, Katsuji Nakazawa)

Li Qiang: China appoints Xi Jinping ally as premier
(BBC, 03/11/23, George Wright)

Taiwan sets next presidential election for January 2024
(Nikkei Asia, 03/11/23, Hideaki Ryugen)

Xi Jinping begins historic third term as China’s president
(BBC, 03/10/23, Stephen McDonell and Joel Guinto)

Growing numbers of Chinese citizens set their sights on the US – via the deadly Darién Gap
(The Guardian, 03/08/23, Alicia Chen)

Xi Jinping’s power grab – and why it matters
(BBC, 03/04/23, Stephen McDonell)

The ‘Chinese century’ is not going to plan as turmoil looms
(The Sydney Morning Herald, 03/03/23, Melissa Lawford)

Taiwan reports 19 Chinese air force planes in its air defence zone
(Reuters, 03/01/23, Ben Blanchard and Yimou Lee)

Links (February 2023)

Xi Faces More Doubts Within China as Global Problems Mount
(Bloomberg, 02/28/23)

Reuters reporters’ online accounts faked to approach China activists
(Reuters, 02/27/23, James Pomfret)

Default Position: LGFV Defaults Loom
(, 02/22/23, Houze Song)

‘We are not in a comfortable place’: Singapore defence minister warns of ‘disastrous’ consequences of war in Asia
(Channel News Asia, 02/18/23)

Taiwan undersea cable cuts linked to Chinese vessels
(Taiwan News, 02/17/23, Huang Tzu-ti)

U.N. Experts and Activists Sound Alarm Over Forced Assimilation and Coercive DNA Collection in Tibet
(China Digital Times, 02/09/23, Arthur Kaufman)

47 Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Figures Begin National Security Law Trial After Two Years in Detention
(China Digital Times, 02/07/23, Arthur Kaufman)

Apple Daily – The Rise and Fall of Hong Kong’s Sensationalist, Pro-Democracy Tabloid
(, 02/04/23, Aris Teon)

CIA chief warns against underestimating Xi’s ambitions toward Taiwan
(Reuters, 02/02/23, Michael Martina and David Brunnstrom)

Former Chinese Bookseller’s Wife Held Under “Exit Ban”
(China Digital Times, 02/02/23, Alexander Boyd)

Blinken postpones China trip over ‘unacceptable’ Chinese spy balloon
(Reuters, 02/02/23, Humeyra Pamuk, Idrees Ali, Michael Martina)

Chinese cities are struggling to pay their bills as ‘hidden debts’ soar
(CNN, 02/01/23, Laura He)

Links (January 2023)

‘It was all for nothing’: Chinese count cost of Xi’s snap decision to let Covid rip
(The Guardian, 01/29/23, Helen Davidson, Verna Yu, and Chi Hui Lin)

HK home prices suffer biggest drop since 1998
(, 01/27/23)

Xi puts top brain in charge of Taiwan unification strategy
(Nikkei Asia, 01/26/23, Katsuji Nakazawa)

Taiwan appoints new, British-educated intelligence chief
(Reuters, 01/26/23, Ben Blanchard)

Women Balk at Chinese Government Plans to Raise Birth Rate
(China Digital Times, 01/24/23, Arthur Kaufman)

Can China fix its property crisis?
(The Economist, 01/23/23)

China’s Overwhelming Debt Burden Points To Still Deeper Problems
(, 01/16/23, Milton Ezrati)

China appoints new Hong Kong liaison office chief
(Reuters, 01/14/23, Clare Jim)

Taiwan Politics Outlook: A KMT Resurgence?
(The Diplomat, 01/10/23, Mercy A. Kuo interviews Nathan F. Batto)

China To Open Its Borders, Marking End of Zero-COVID Isolation
(China Digital Times, 01/03/23, Alexander Boyd)

The Human Freedom Index 2022
(Fraser Institute, Ian Vasquez, Fred McMahon, Ryan Murphy, and Guillermina Sutter Schneider)

Links (December 2022)

China’s COVID policymaking under scrutiny as infections soar
(Reuters, 12/29/22, Eduardo Baptista and Ryan Woo)

Taiwan to extend mandatory military service from 4 to 12 months
(Radio Free Asia –, 12/27/22, rfa staff)

Will a Successor to Xi Jinping Emerge from the Party’s Seventh-Generation Leadership?
(Jamestown Foundation, 12/16/22, Willy Wo-Lap Lam)

China v Jimmy Lai: a tycoon, a trial and the erosion of Hong Kong’s rule of law
(The Guardian, 12/15/22, Verna Yu)

Point of No Return: Beijing’s Move to Covid Coexistence Is Here to Stay
(, 12/13/22, Houze Song)

China’s Blank-Paper Protests Are Only a Beginning
(The Atlantic, 12/02/22, Rory Truex)

Singapore Chips Away at Hong Kong’s Hedge Fund Dominance
(Bloomberg, 12/01/22)

Xi Broke the Social Contract That Helped China Prosper
(New York Times, 12/01/22, Yasheng Huang)

Links (November 2022)

Jiang Zemin, Leader Who Guided China Into Global Market, Dies at 96
(New York Times, 11/30/22, Chris Buckley and Michael Wines)

Why do some Asian countries embrace democracy while others reject it?
(Washington Post, 11/30/23, Warren I. Cohen)

Protests erupt across China in unprecedented challenge to Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy
(CNN, 11/28/22, Nectar Gan)

2022 elections: DPP routed across the board
(Taipei Times, 11/27/22, Kayleigh Madjar)

PAP appoints Lawrence Wong as deputy secretary-general
(Straits Times, 11/26/22, Lee Li Ying)

China central bank to offer cheap loans to support developers’ bonds
(Reuters, 11/25/22, Julie Zhu and Engen Tham)

Hong Kong court convicts Cardinal Zen and 5 others over failing to register protester relief fund as society
(HKFP, 11/25/22, Peter Lee)

Shrinking Birth Rates Accelerate China’s Demographic Crisis
(China Digital Times, 11/23/22, Oliver Young)

China Announces First COVID Deaths In Months Amidst Surging Outbreaks
(China Digital Times, 11/21/22, Alexander Boyd)

Apple bows to Beijing, again
(, 11/17/22, Ellery Roberts Biddle)

Links (October 2022)

20th Party Congress Primes China for Continued Confrontation Around the World
(China Digital Times, 10/26/22, Oliver Young)

China Budget Deficit Nears Record $1 Trillion Amid Slowdown
(Bloomberg, 10/25/22)

Xi Jinping chooses ‘yes’ men over economic growth in politburo purge
(The Guardian, 10/23/22, Helen Davidson and Verna Yu)

Xi Jinping secures historic third term as leader of China
(NBC News, 10/23/22, Jennifer Jett and Megan Lebowitz)

Hu Jintao escorted out of party congress
(Reuters, 10/22/22, Eduardo Baptista, Ryan Woo, Tony Munroe and Yew Lun Tian)

What Xi Jinping has done for Chinese business
(Nikkei Asia, 10/21/22, Nikkei staff writers)

Hong Kong protester dragged into Manchester Chinese consulate grounds and beaten up
(BBC, 10/17/22, Lok Lee and Elsa Maishman)

Who Are Xi’s Enemies?
(Foreign Policy, 10/15/22, Deng Yuwen)

Party of One: The CCP Congress and Xi Jinping’s Quest to Control China
(Foreign Affairs, 10/14/22, Jude Blanchette)

‘We Want Freedom’: China Wipes Xi Protest Footage Off the Web
(Asia Financial, 10/14/22, Alfie Habershon)

China can now deploy hypersonic nukes on its carriers
(Asia Times, 10/14/22, Gabriel Honrada)

New U.S. Export Controls Aim to Curtail China’s Access to Advanced Semiconductor Technology
(China Digital Times, 10/13/22, Oliver Young)

Seventh Plenum of the 19th Central Committee
(, 10/12/22, Adam Ni)

“Political Clique” Purged from State Security Apparatus Ahead of Party Congress
(China Digital Times, 10/07/22, Alexander Boyd)

The farmers caught up in Taiwan’s tensions with China
(BBC, 10/06/22, Erin Hale)

U.S. Aims to Turn Taiwan Into Giant Weapons Depot
(New York Times, 10/05/22, Edward Wong and John Ismay)

Report to Congress on Hypersonic Missile Defense
(, 10/05/22)

China Is Suffering A Major Financial Crisis
(Forbes, 10/03/22, Milton Ezrati)

China racing for 6th-gen fighter edge over US
(Asia Times, 10/01/22, Gabriel Honrada)

Links (September 2022)

The Party Remakes China: What to Watch for After the 20th Party Congress
(UC San Diego, September 2022, School of Global Policy and Strategy)

In Taiwan, a national drone fleet rises from the ruins
(CommonWealth, 09/30/22, Meng-hsuan Yang and Elaine Huang)

New Reports Detail Chinese Influence Operations in Foreign Media
(China Digital Times, 09/29/22, Oliver Young)

105-year-old party elder sends blunt message to Xi
(Nikkei Asia, 09/29/22, Katsuji Nakazawa)

China turns to military microaggressions to demoralize Taiwan
(Taiwan News, 09/28/22, Matthew Strong)

The coming Chinese-Russian conflict
(Washington Times, 09/26/22, Richard W. Rahn)

Chinese J-15 Fighters Fly Directly Over U.S. Navy Destroyer In New Video
(, 09/26/22, Thomas Newdick)

China’s Mistakes Can Be America’s Gain
(The Atlantic, 09/26/22, Michael Schuman)

Josh Chin on China’s Surveillance State
(China Digital Times, 09/23/22, Oliver Young)

Biden’s trade war against himself
(CGTN, 09/22/22, Anne O. Krueger)

China believes mass surveillance will help it engineer the perfect society
(.coda, 09/21/22, Liam Scott)

Central Asia and China’s Taiwan Dilemma
(Foreign Policy Research Institute, 09/20/2, Niva Yau Tsz Yan)

Biden leaves no doubt: ‘Strategic ambiguity’ toward Taiwan is dead
(Politico, 09/19/22, Phelim Kine)

5 Ways China Could Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
(, 09/17/22, Brent M. Eastwood)

Brain drain hits Hong Kong’s education sector as teachers and students join exodus
(AFP via HKFP, 09/03/22, Su Xinqi and Holmes Chan)

Biden administration approves more than $1.1B in arms sales to Taiwan
(CNN, 09/02/22, Jennifer Hansler)

Taiwan moves anti-drone guns to offshore islands due to China threat
(Taiwan News, 09/02/22, Matthew Strong)

China’s median line violations suggest Taiwan ‘decapitation’ rehearsal
(Politico, 09/01/22, Phelim Kine)

US bars Nvidia and AMD from selling AI-centric accelerators to China and Russia
(The Register, 09/01/22, Laura Dobberstein)

Links (August 2022)

China Party Congress to Offer Clues on Overhaul of Economic Team
(Bloomberg, 08/31/22, Tom Hancock)

China sets October start for congress seen as Xi coronation
(Reuters, 08/31/22, Tony Munroe and Yew Lun Tian)

The Censorship Machine Erasing China’s Feminist Movement
(New Yorker, 08/29/22, Han Zhang)

Taiwan aims for big rise in defence spending amid escalating China tension
(Reuters, 08/25/22, Yimou Lee and Ben Blanchard)

Taiwan to install drone defences after video posted on Chinese social media of soldiers throwing rocks
(Reuters via Australian Broadcasting Corporation – ABC News, 08/25/22)

China’s Growth Sacrifice
(Project Syndicate, 08/23/22, Stephen S. Roach)

For China’s Top Leaders — Other Than Xi — Age Is More Than Just a Number
(VOA, 08/23/22, Fang Bing)

Growing pains: China’s faltering economy tests leadership’s nerve
(The Guardian, 08/20/22, Vincent Ni)

China forcing political critics into psychiatric hospitals: report
(Nikkei Asia, 08/16/22, Pak Yiu)

A second US congressional delegation visits Taiwan
(CNN, 08/15/22, Eric Cheung and Devan Cole)

Zhou Xiaoxuan Loses Appeal in Landmark #MeToo Case
(China Digital Times, 08/12/22, Joseph Brouwer)

China’s Surveillance Technology
(, 08/05/22, National Endowment for Democracy)

Raising the Curtain on China’s 20th Party Congress: Mechanics, Rules, “Norms,” and the Realities of Power
(Asia Society, 08/04/22, Christopher K. Johnson)

Pelosi arrives in Taiwan vowing U.S. commitment; China enraged
(Reuters, 08/02/22, Yimou Lee and Sarah Wu)

Links (July 2022)

Pentagon calls out China’s military threats as Taiwan tensions worsen
(Washington Post, 07/27/22, Karoun Demirjian)

How China could leapfrog US chip-making bans
(Asia Times, 07/14/22, David P. Goldman)

Why a Xi Jinping Third Term Looks Secure
(The Diplomat, 07/11/22, Dan Macklin)

Why China’s Massive Data Leak Is So Chilling
(Bloomberg, 07/11/22, Sarah Zheng)

China crushes mass protest by bank depositors demanding their life savings back
(CNN, 07/11/22, Nectar Gan)

Taiwan’s population falls year-on-year in June
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 07/08/22, Lai Yu-chen and Lee Hsin-Yin)

Private information of more than 100 Australians exposed amid huge China police data leak
(ABC, 07/07/22, Bang Xiao)

China Property Debt Crisis Is Just Beginning, Charlene Chu Says
(Bloomberg, 07/07/22, Chris Anstey)

China: MI5 and FBI heads warn of ‘immense’ threat
(BBC, 07/07/22, Gordon Corera)

How Xiao Jianhua Angered President Xi
(Foreign Policy, 07/06/22, James Palmer)

Vatican envoy in Hong Kong warns Catholic missions to prepare for China crackdown
(Japan Times, 07/05/22, Greg Torode)

Taiwan’s college professors face layoffs as universities continue to shut down
(Taiwan News, 07/04/22, Casey Ho)

An Anatomy of Erasure: How a free and open Hong Kong became a police state
(Economist, 07/01/22)

With Kinmen Comments, Ko Wen-je Dives Into Cross-Strait Debate
(The Diplomat, 07/01/22, Brian Hioe)