Links (October 2023)

Li Keqiang Lived and Died in Xi Jinping’s Shadow
(Foreign Policy, 10/27/23, James Palmer)

China takes on a trillion yuan debt
(, 10/25/23, Matthew Kendrick)

Prepare for an indefinite future across the Taiwan Strait
(The Hill, 10/12/23, Jerome A. Cohen and Yu-Jie Chen)

Together and Apart: The Conundrum of the China-Russia Partnership
(Asia Society, October 2023, Philipp Ivanov)

Focus on Israel-Gaza war raises fears of China attack on Taiwan
(Washington Times, 10/11/23, Bill Gertz)

China’s Xi wants more political ‘struggle’ in ruling party ranks
(Radio Free Asia, 10/09/23, Lee Wing-tim and Gigi Lee)

Interview with Lhadon Tethong on Tibet’s Colonial Boarding Schools: “They Are Stealing an Entire Generation”
(China Digital Times, 10/06/23, Sophie Beach)

Links (September 2023)

Chinese Politics since Hu Jintao and the Origin of Xi Jinping’s Strongman Rule: A New Hypothesis
(Texas National Security Review, Fall 2023, Lin Le)

KMT legislator accused of leaking secrets on Taiwan’s new submarine to China
(Taiwan News, 09/30/23, Sam Howard)

‘Don’t Be Scared,’ My Father Said Before He Was Led Away in Hong Kong
(New York Times via, 09/29/23, Sebastian Lai)

China Strengthening Its Position in Northern Russia and the Arctic Sea
(Jamestown Foundation, 09/28/23, Paul Goble)

Chengde Seizes Three Years of “Illegal Income” from Programmer Who Used VPN for Overseas Work
(China Digital Times, 09/28/23, Cindy Carter)

Politics hamper China’s efforts to stimulate the economy
(The Economist, 09/28/23)

China’s Economic Slowdown Was Inevitable: The Illusory Success of State Capitalism
(Foreign Affairs, 09/25/23, Yasheng Huang)

Do China’s recent military purges spell trouble for Xi Jinping?
(BBC, 09/22/23, Tessa Wong)

China wants details of local employees from Hong Kong consulates
(, 09/21/23, Cheryl Tung)

China’s trillion-dollar dilemma of local government ‘hidden debt’
(Caixin via Nikkei Asia, 09/20/23, Zhang Yukun, Xia Yining, and Ding Feng)

Turbulence in China’s top ranks raises questions about Xi Jinping’s rule
(CNN, 09/20/23, Nectar Gan)

Xi’s economic policies are leaving many China watchers perplexed and confused
(CNBC, 09/19/23, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera)

Chinese defence minister under investigation for corrupt procurement
(Reuters, 09/16/23)

China sanctions Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin for arms sales to Taiwan
(Reuters, 09/15/23, Joe Cash and Liz Lee)

Taiwan election: Foxconn founder Terry Gou picks Netflix actress as running mate
(BBC, 09/14/23, Grace Tsoi and Joyce Lee)

Political Drivers of China’s Private Sector Demise
(Jamestown Foundation, 09/08/23, Daniel Fu)

China Prefers Guns to Butter: As the economy declines, the CCP leans heavily on the army
(, 09/07/23, Jacqueline N. Deal and Michael Mort)

Links (August 2023)

Tan Cheng Bock endorses Tan Kin Lian’s presidential bid
(Straits Times, 08/27/23, Chin Soo Fang)

Singapore is very fortunate, should welcome those of other nationalities who want to live here: Ng Kok Song
(Channel News Asia, 08/26/23, Ang Hwee Min and Loiusa Tang)

The world should study China’s crushing of Hong Kong’s freedoms
(The Economist, 08/24/23)

How to kill Chinese dynamism
(Taipei Times, 08/21/23, Yasheng Huang)

Cracks in China’s debt-ridden economy
(Taipei Times, 08/21/23, Paul Lin 林保華)

China’s Fertility Rate Dropped Sharply, Study Shows
(WSJ via MSN, 08/19/23, Liyan Qi)

As China’s economy, population implode, Xi is looking to start a war
(The Hill, 08/16/23, Gordon G. Chang)

China’s dilemma in trying to manage debt crisis
(, 08/16/23, Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian)

The moment of reckoning looms large for China’s property market as crisis deepens
(South China Morning Post, 08/15/23, Zhou Xin)

China’s youth job market is a nightmare. It’s changing the face of the country.
(Dow Jones via Morningstar, 08/15/23, Tanner Brown)

China’s internal turmoil could provoke war: official
(Taipei Times, 08/12/23, Chen Yu-fu and Jonathan Chin)

Materials Science Matters
(, 08/08/23, AJ Cortese)

How Taiwan’s Boba Tea Took Over the World
(, 08/07/23, Anne Ewbank)

Italy Turns Its Back on China’s Belt and Road
(Foreign Policy, 08/04/23, Christina Lu)

Links (July 2023)

Lee Meng-chu: Taiwan businessman accused of spying in China is freed
(BBC, 07/28/23, Joy Chang)

A slew of scandals puts Singapore’s government on the back foot
(The Economist, 07/27/23)

Hou Yu-ih’s presidential nomination approved at KMT party congress
(CNA – Focus Taiwan, 07/23/23, Liu Kuan-ting and Matthew Mazzetta)

Chinese hackers breached US ambassador to China’s email account
(CNN, 07/21/23, Sean Lyngaas and Kylie Atwood)

Foreign Minister Qin Gang Disappears into the Black Box of Chinese Politics
(China Digital Times, 07/21/23, Arthur Kaufman)

China’s Okinawa Policy Attracts Attention
(The Diplomat, 07/20/23, Kawashima Shin)

China says foreign trade faces ‘extremely severe’ situation, blames geopolitics for slump
(CNBC, 07/19/23, Evelyn Cheng)

Beijing’s New Regulatory State Is Being Built One Tool at a Time
(, 07/11/23, Ruihan Huang)

Links (June 2023)

Beijing’s Dilemma: Cut Spending or Raise Taxes to Deal with Local Debt?
(, 06/30/23, Houze Song)

Top Taiwan Government Spokeswoman Quits After Report of Affair
(Bloomberg, 06/29/23, Cindy Wang)

China Helps Zambia Reach Landmark Debt Restructuring Deal, But Broader Relief Remains Uncertain
(China Digital Times, 06/27/23, Arthur Kaufman)

How China’s Education System Trapped a Generation
(Foreign Policy, 06/22/23, Helen Gao)

Blinken’s Beijing Visit Brings Modest Progress on Stabilizing U.S.-China Ties
(China Digital Times, 06/20/23, Arthur Kaufman)

Blinken meets Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang on high-stakes diplomatic trip to Beijing
(CNBC, 06/18/23, Evelyn Cheng, Matt Clinch, and Ashley Capoot)

China’s economy is on course for a “double dip”
(The Economist, 06/18/23)

What a potential Tharman presidency could mean
(, 06/09/23, Nicholas Fang)

Tharman Shanmugaratnam to run for President in Singapore
(CNA, 06/08/23)

Taiwan activates air defence as China aircraft enter zone
(Reuters, 60/08/23, Ben Blanchard and Kantaro Komiya)

Where’s the Demand for the Chinese Yuan?
(, 06/06/23, Houze Song)

Links (May 2023)

Will the Virtual Reality Future Be Made in China?
(, 05/30/23, AJ Cortese)

One of China’s biggest cities is so cash-strapped it’s calling in debts
(CNN, 05/29/23, Laura He)

Chinese man suspected of making Taiwan bomb threats questioned by police
(CNA – Focus Taiwan, 05/25/23, Hsieh Hsin-en and Evelyn Kao)

Taiwan to receive NATO’s Link 22 radio system from US
(Taiwan News, 05/25/23, Matthew Strong)

The U.S.-Chinese Economic Relationship Is Changing—But Not Vanishing
(Foreign Affairs, 05/24/23, Jami Miscik, Peter Orszag, and Theodore Bunzel)

Russian hypersonic scientist accused of betraying secrets to China
(Reuters, 05/24/23, Filipp Lebedev, Lucy Papachristou and Mark Trevelyan)

China and G7 Nations Trade Accusations of Economic Coercion, Deepen Geopolitical Fault Lines
(China Digital Times, 05/23/23, Arthur Kaufman)

China looms behind KMT’s choice of Hou as presidential nominee
(Nikkei Asia, 05/19/23, Derek Grossman)

The Chinese Dream is dead because China’s Gen Z is flat broke, and they have the receipts to prove it
(Business Insider, 05/19/23, Cheryl Teh)

Comedian Pulls Back Curtain On Censorship Process After Army Joke Incident
(China Digital Times, 05/19/23, Alexander Boyd)

Links (April 2023)

Chinese money is flooding into Singapore, Beijing wishes it was being spent at home
(The Sydney Morning Herald, 04/21/23, Eryk Bagshaw)

Up to 3,500 high-net-worth individuals to become Singapore citizens in 2023, most from China
(The Business Times, 04/21/23, Yong Hui Ting)

Indonesian Family Buys Bungalows on Singapore’s Nassim Road for $155M
(, 04/19/23, Beatrice Laforga)

How Can China Contain Its $8.3 Trillion Fiscal Crisis?
(Bloomberg, 04/16/23, Shuli Ren)

Singaporean filmmaker Tan Pin Pin discusses collective memory and erasure of history
(Yale Daily News, 04/12/23, Miranda Jeyaretnam)

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ grew out of a lending spree. Now those loans may be its problem
(CNBC, 04/13/23, Sumathi Bala)

Hong Kong’s ‘new normal’ is anything but
(Nikkei Asia, 04/12/23, Pak Yiu)

Macron’s Beijing Trip Reinforces Sino-Franco Ties, Alienates U.S., Worries Europe
(China Digital Times, 04/11/23, Arthur Kaufman)

China’s BRI Bailouts Draw Mixed Reception
(China Digital Times, 04/06/23, Arthur Kaufman)

Why Xi Jinping is not another Chairman Mao
(The Economist, 04/05/23)

Links (March 2023)

Xi Jinping Says He Is Preparing China for War: The World Should Take Him Seriously
(Foreign Affairs, 03/29/23, John Pomfret and Matt Pottinger)

Return of the Party: Shifting Power from the Mandarin Class To the Political Class
(, 03/28/23, Damien Ma)

Former Taiwan president arrives in China pledging peace
(Reuters, 03/27/23, Fabian Hamacher and Ann Wang)

Honduras establishes diplomatic ties with China, severs them with Taiwan
(CNN, 03/26/23, Eric Cheung)

Xi Jinping’s Chinese Tragedy
(Project Syndicate, 03/24/23, Orville Schell interviewed by Irena Grudzinska Gross)

Why Taiwan’s 2024 Presidential Election is Wide Open
(Jamestown Foundation, 03/17/23, Matthew Fulco)

Heavyweight Xi Jinping gives himself a lightweight cabinet
(Nikkei Asia, 03/16/23, Katsuji Nakazawa)

Li Qiang: China appoints Xi Jinping ally as premier
(BBC, 03/11/23, George Wright)

Taiwan sets next presidential election for January 2024
(Nikkei Asia, 03/11/23, Hideaki Ryugen)

Xi Jinping begins historic third term as China’s president
(BBC, 03/10/23, Stephen McDonell and Joel Guinto)

Growing numbers of Chinese citizens set their sights on the US – via the deadly Darién Gap
(The Guardian, 03/08/23, Alicia Chen)

Xi Jinping’s power grab – and why it matters
(BBC, 03/04/23, Stephen McDonell)

The ‘Chinese century’ is not going to plan as turmoil looms
(The Sydney Morning Herald, 03/03/23, Melissa Lawford)

Taiwan reports 19 Chinese air force planes in its air defence zone
(Reuters, 03/01/23, Ben Blanchard and Yimou Lee)

Links (February 2023)

Xi Faces More Doubts Within China as Global Problems Mount
(Bloomberg, 02/28/23)

Reuters reporters’ online accounts faked to approach China activists
(Reuters, 02/27/23, James Pomfret)

Default Position: LGFV Defaults Loom
(, 02/22/23, Houze Song)

‘We are not in a comfortable place’: Singapore defence minister warns of ‘disastrous’ consequences of war in Asia
(Channel News Asia, 02/18/23)

Taiwan undersea cable cuts linked to Chinese vessels
(Taiwan News, 02/17/23, Huang Tzu-ti)

U.N. Experts and Activists Sound Alarm Over Forced Assimilation and Coercive DNA Collection in Tibet
(China Digital Times, 02/09/23, Arthur Kaufman)

47 Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Figures Begin National Security Law Trial After Two Years in Detention
(China Digital Times, 02/07/23, Arthur Kaufman)

Apple Daily – The Rise and Fall of Hong Kong’s Sensationalist, Pro-Democracy Tabloid
(, 02/04/23, Aris Teon)

CIA chief warns against underestimating Xi’s ambitions toward Taiwan
(Reuters, 02/02/23, Michael Martina and David Brunnstrom)

Former Chinese Bookseller’s Wife Held Under “Exit Ban”
(China Digital Times, 02/02/23, Alexander Boyd)

Blinken postpones China trip over ‘unacceptable’ Chinese spy balloon
(Reuters, 02/02/23, Humeyra Pamuk, Idrees Ali, Michael Martina)

Chinese cities are struggling to pay their bills as ‘hidden debts’ soar
(CNN, 02/01/23, Laura He)

Links (January 2023)

‘It was all for nothing’: Chinese count cost of Xi’s snap decision to let Covid rip
(The Guardian, 01/29/23, Helen Davidson, Verna Yu, and Chi Hui Lin)

HK home prices suffer biggest drop since 1998
(, 01/27/23)

Xi puts top brain in charge of Taiwan unification strategy
(Nikkei Asia, 01/26/23, Katsuji Nakazawa)

Taiwan appoints new, British-educated intelligence chief
(Reuters, 01/26/23, Ben Blanchard)

Women Balk at Chinese Government Plans to Raise Birth Rate
(China Digital Times, 01/24/23, Arthur Kaufman)

Can China fix its property crisis?
(The Economist, 01/23/23)

China’s Overwhelming Debt Burden Points To Still Deeper Problems
(, 01/16/23, Milton Ezrati)

China appoints new Hong Kong liaison office chief
(Reuters, 01/14/23, Clare Jim)

Taiwan Politics Outlook: A KMT Resurgence?
(The Diplomat, 01/10/23, Mercy A. Kuo interviews Nathan F. Batto)

China To Open Its Borders, Marking End of Zero-COVID Isolation
(China Digital Times, 01/03/23, Alexander Boyd)

The Human Freedom Index 2022
(Fraser Institute, Ian Vasquez, Fred McMahon, Ryan Murphy, and Guillermina Sutter Schneider)

The Last Generation: Why China’s Youth Are Deciding Against Having Children
(, January 2023, Barclay Bram)