Links (June 2022)

China Destroyed Muslim Culture In This Ancient City — Then Turned It Into Disneyland
(BuzzFeed News, 06/30/22, Alison Killing, Megha Rajagopalan, and Christo Buschek)

China’s Xi Names Police Ally to Head Public Security Ministry
(Bloomberg, 06/27/22)

How Singapore’s Disneyland Went to Hong Kong Instead
(, 06/26/22)

Never mind China’s new aircraft carrier, these are the ships the US should worry about
(CNN, 06/26/22, Brad Lendon)

Taiwan jets scramble again to warn away China’s air force
(Reuters, 06/23/22)

Rewritten Schoolbooks Say Hong Kong Was Never British Colony
(Bloomberg, 06/14/22, Krystal Chia)

China Alarms US With Private Warnings to Avoid Taiwan Strait
(Bloomberg, 06/12/22, Peter Martin)

Ministry of State Security Offers Big Rewards For National Security Tips
(China Digital Times, 06/10/22, Joseph Brouwer)

US Navy aircraft carriers may be useless in a war with China
(Task & Purpose, 06/09/22, Jeff Schogol)

China’s military may be capable of war against Taiwan and allied forces by 2027: MND
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 06/04/22, Matt Yu and Lee Hsin-Yin)

U.S. puts back ‘no support of Taiwan independence’ statement on fact sheet
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 06/03/22, Stacy Hsu and Shih Hsiu-chuan)

China Fighter Pilots Raised Middle Finger at Canada Air Force Crew—Report
(Newsweek, 06/02/22, John Feng)

From Zero-COVID to Stabilising the Economy
(, 06/01/22, Adam Ni)