Links (May 2024)

Singapore Wealth Flows Face New Scrutiny in Superhacker Case
(Bloomberg, 05/31/24, Bernadette Toh, Low De Wei, and Ambereen Choudhury)

14 pro-democracy activists convicted, 2 acquitted in Hong Kong’s biggest national security case
(AP, 05/30/24, Kanis Leung and Zen Soo)

Hong Kong arrests six for sedition under new law
(BBC, 05/28/24, Flora Drury)

China’s risky industrial gamble might end the way of the Soviet Union
(Globe and Mail, 05/25/24, John Rapley)

Xi Jinping’s Recipe for Total Control: An Army of Eyes and Ears
(New York Times, 05/25/24, Vivian Wang)

Beijing Signals That It Has No Idea What To Do About Its Economy
(, 05/24/24, Milton Ezrati)

Even Xi Jinping is struggling to fix regional inequality
(The Economist, 05/21/24)

Taiwan’s New President Calls On China to End Threat of War
(Bloomberg, 05/19/24, Cindy Wang)

Congressional-Executive Commission on China, 2023 Annual Report
(CECC, May, 2024)

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