Noteworthy Links (January 2021)

Chinese millennials aren’t getting married, and the government is worried
(CNN, 1/29/2021, Nectar Gan)

Chinese H-6 Bombers Heard On Radio Confirming Orders For Simulated Attack On U.S. Aircraft Carrier Near Taiwan
(The Aviationist, 1/29/2021, David Cenciotti)

Hong Kong government says it will not recognise BNO passports from Jan 31
(Reuters, 1/29/2021)

300,000 dual citizens in Hong Kong must choose between Canada and China after policy change
(National Post, 1/27/2021, John Ivison)

Eye on 2022 (Part 1): Rising Stars in the Provinces
(, 1/26/2021, Neil Thomas)

China Arrivals to Offset Exodus to U.K., Hong Kong Aide Says
(Bloomberg, 1/25/2021, Iain Marlow)

Hong Kong’s Present Echoes Tibet’s Past
(The Diplomat, 1/25/2021, Simon Shen)

After Disappointing Sinovac Trial, Beijing Snipes at Western Vaccines
(China Digital Times, 1/21/2021, John Chan)

Celebrity Scandal Inspires Reflection on Surrogacy in China
(China Digital Times, 1/20/2021, Joseph Brouwer)

China-U.K. Relations Fracture Amid Hong Kong Crackdown
(China Digital Times, 1/20/2021, John Chan)

U.S. Designates Uyghurs’ Persecution “Genocide” And “Crime Against Humanity”
(China Digital Times, 1/19/2021, Joseph Brouwer)

China’s College Graduates Can’t Find Jobs. The Solution: Grad School.
(New York Times, 1/18/2021, Vivian Wang)

Hong Kong civil servants given four weeks to pledge loyalty to the government
(Reuters, 1/15/2021)

11 Hong Kongers Arrested for Allegedly Aiding Hong Kong 12 Escape
(China Digital Times, 1/14/2021, John Chan)

Law experts pan High Court ruling on retired general
(Taipei Times, 1/14/2021, Jason Pan)

U.S. Issues Total Ban on Xinjiang Cotton and Tomatoes
(China Digital Times, 1/13/2021, John Chan)

Disappointing Chinese Vaccine Results Pose Setback for Developing World
(NYT, published 1/13/2021, updated 1/15/2021, Sui-Lee Wee and Ernesto Londoño)

New Rules Would Punish Firms for Complying With U.S. Sanctions
(China Digital Times, 1/12/2021, John Chan)

The China Dashboard – Winter 2021
(Rhodium Group, 1/12/2021, Daniel H. Rosen and Lauren Gloudeman)

Pompeo voids restrictions on diplomatic contacts with Taiwan
(AP, 1/9/2021, Kevin Freking)

Communist Hong Kong: China taunts the world as it arrests the entire democratic opposition
(WSJ, 1/8/2021, The Editorial Board)

NCC orders phone recall over malware
(Taipei Times, 1/7/2021, Shelley Shan)

Hong Kong police raid office of primary election co-organisers PORI, but voter data ‘physically crushed’, says deputy
(HKFP, 1/6/2021, Selina Cheng)

Dozens of Hong Kong opposition figures arrested under national security law
(CNN, 1/6/2021, James Griffiths and Jadyn Sham)

American lawyer arrested by HK police in national security crackdown
(Reuters, 1/5/2021, Reuters Staff)

TSMC to build advanced IC packaging, testing plant in Japan: report
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 1/5/2021, Chang Chien-chung and Frances Huang)

Facial Recognition And Beyond: Journalist Ventures Inside China’s ‘Surveillance State’
(NPR, 1/5/2021, Fresh Air: Dave Davies interview with Kai Strittmatter)

Taiwan says Chinese jets made record 380 incursions in 2020
(AFP via Channel News Asia, 1/5/2021)

I have no role in national security: commissioner
(RTHK, 1/4/2021)

China’s Belt and Road: Down but not Out
(Rhodium Group, 1/4/2021, Matthew Mingey and Agatha Kratz)