Noteworthy Links (February 2021)

Taiwan urges people to eat more pineapples after China bans imports amid campaign of ‘intimidation’
(Australian Broadcasting Corporation – ABC, 02/26/21)

China to ban Taiwan pineapples starting March 1
(Taiwan News, 02/26/21, Sylvia Teng)

Singapore’s total fertility rate falls to historic low in 2020
(Channel News Asia, 02/26/21, Chew Hui Min)

More than 310,000 BNO passports issued in 2020, overtaking Hong Kong passports for the first time
(Apple Daily, 02/26/21)

Chinese Official Signals Changes to Hong Kong Election Rules
(Bloomberg, 02/22/21)

China faces fateful choices, especially involving Taiwan
(The Economist, 02/20/21, Chaguan)

KMT chairman launches re-election bid
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 02/20/21, Liu Kuan-ting and Frances Huang)

Govt names new head of RTHK
(RTHK, 02/19/21)

New Reports Highlight Globalization of Surveillance Tech Industry
(China Digital Times, 02/19/21, John Chan)

Health Minister: China interference stopped COVID-19 vaccine deal
(RTI, 02/17/21, Stas Butler)

“Sinicization” Campaigns Target Religious and Ethnic Minorities Across China
(China Digital Times, 02/17/21, Joseph Brouwer)

Eye on 2022 (Part 2): Rising Stars in Beijing
(, 02/16/21, Neil Thomas)

Two Arrests, Two Outcomes Tell a Tale of Xi Jinping’s China
(NYT, 02/12/21, Li Yuan)

Stark Decline in Birth Rate a Legacy of Pandemic, One-Child Policy, and Choice
(China Digital Times, 02/10/21, Joseph Brouwer)

Cheap Solar (Part 2): How Solar Manufacturing Got Its Chinese Characteristics
(, 02/09/21, Ilaria Mazzocco)

Amid a Changing World Economy, Taiwanese Manufacturers Return Home
(Topics, 02/09/21, Matthew Fulco)

China’s latest weapon against Taiwan: the sand dredger
(Reuters, 02/05/21, Yimou Lee)

COVAX releases amount of first round of COVID-19 vaccine distribution; Taiwan to get a share of the allotted amount
(Taiwan CDC, 02/05/21)

Hong Kong’s SIM card registration plan aims to sow fear, distrust and self-censorship
(HKFP, 02/05/21, Shui-Yin Sharon Yam)