Noteworthy Links (July 2021)

Hong Kong man given 9-year sentence in first security law case
(Nikkei Asia, 07/30/21, Michelle Chan)

Retired Taiwan general tells military to overthrow DPP, surrender to China
(Taiwan News, 07/30/21, Keoni Everington)

Abe: Taiwan must never repeat Hong Kong experience
(Nikkei Asia, 07/30/21, Ryo Nemoto)

Foreign investments into China are accelerating despite global economic tensions and restrictions
(PIIE, 07/22/21, Nicholas Lardy)

The Road Ahead for Taiwan-US Relations
(The Diplomat, 07/17/21, Melissa Conley Tyler)

China Says U.S. Trespassing in Its Airspace After Documents Sent to Taiwan
(Newsweek, 07/15/21, John Feng)

Carrie Lam downplays surge in emigration
(RTHK, 07/11/21)

‘Liberate Hong Kong’ slogan was about uniting freedom-loving people, political scientist testifies
(Stand News, 07/09/21, Holmes Chan)

What Bankers Can Know, You Can’t in Hong Kong
(Bloomberg, 07/07/21, Matthew Brooker)

Canadian rights activist says he received death threat for support of Hong Kongers
(The Globe and Mail, 07/05/21, Steven Chase)

Hong Kong Court Jails U.S. Lawyer Over Scuffle With Policeman
(Bloomberg, 07/05/21, Kari Soo Lindberg)

US tech giants warn Hong Kong data law could drive them away
(Nikkei Asia, 07/06/21, Michelle Chan)

Banks accused of Beijing-backed ‘asset grab’ as Hongkongers in UK denied access to pension savings
(HKFP, 07/04/21, Laura Mannering)

Choice of an ex-policeman as Hong Kong’s number two signals Beijing’s nervousness in election year
(HKFP, 07/03/21, John Burns)

Modern-Day Martyr: Meet The Self-Made Billionaire Who Is Sacrificing It All For God
(The Federalist, 07/01/21, Christopher Bedford)