Noteworthy Links (August 2021)

George Soros: Investors in Xi’s China face a rude awakening
(FT opinion, 08/31/21, George Soros)

Early Warning Brief: Implications of Xi’s Revival of the Maoist Slogan “Common Prosperity”
(Jamestown Foundation, 08/26/21, Willy Wo-Lap Lam)

Tianjin asks govt firms to move data out of Alibaba, Tencent clouds-document
(Reuters, 08/27/21, Beijing Newsroom)

Analysis: Xi’s leftward shift to a socialist China is for real
(Nikkei Asia, 08/26/21, Katsuji Nakazawa)

WHO Probe Leader Says Chinese Pressure Blocked Research Into Lab Accident Theory
(China Digital Times, 08/20/21, Joseph Brouwer)

HSBC Buys AXA Singapore for $575 Million to Grow Asia Wealth
(Bloomberg, 08/16/21, Denise Wee)

Canadian Michael Spavor Sentenced to 11 Years as Meng Wanzhou Extradition Decision Looms
(China Digital Times, 08/11/21, Joseph Brouwer)

New Restrictions on Private Tutoring Industry: Motivations and Reactions
(China Digital Times, 08/07/21, Cindy Carter)

China’s Ban on Taiwan Pineapples Backfires as New Buyers Step In
(Bloomberg, 08/05/21, Betty Hou)