Links (September 2023)

Chinese Politics since Hu Jintao and the Origin of Xi Jinping’s Strongman Rule: A New Hypothesis
(Texas National Security Review, Fall 2023, Lin Le)

KMT legislator accused of leaking secrets on Taiwan’s new submarine to China
(Taiwan News, 09/30/23, Sam Howard)

‘Don’t Be Scared,’ My Father Said Before He Was Led Away in Hong Kong
(New York Times via, 09/29/23, Sebastian Lai)

China Strengthening Its Position in Northern Russia and the Arctic Sea
(Jamestown Foundation, 09/28/23, Paul Goble)

Chengde Seizes Three Years of “Illegal Income” from Programmer Who Used VPN for Overseas Work
(China Digital Times, 09/28/23, Cindy Carter)

Politics hamper China’s efforts to stimulate the economy
(The Economist, 09/28/23)

China’s Economic Slowdown Was Inevitable: The Illusory Success of State Capitalism
(Foreign Affairs, 09/25/23, Yasheng Huang)

Do China’s recent military purges spell trouble for Xi Jinping?
(BBC, 09/22/23, Tessa Wong)

China wants details of local employees from Hong Kong consulates
(, 09/21/23, Cheryl Tung)

China’s trillion-dollar dilemma of local government ‘hidden debt’
(Caixin via Nikkei Asia, 09/20/23, Zhang Yukun, Xia Yining, and Ding Feng)

Turbulence in China’s top ranks raises questions about Xi Jinping’s rule
(CNN, 09/20/23, Nectar Gan)

Xi’s economic policies are leaving many China watchers perplexed and confused
(CNBC, 09/19/23, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera)

Chinese defence minister under investigation for corrupt procurement
(Reuters, 09/16/23)

China sanctions Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin for arms sales to Taiwan
(Reuters, 09/15/23, Joe Cash and Liz Lee)

Taiwan election: Foxconn founder Terry Gou picks Netflix actress as running mate
(BBC, 09/14/23, Grace Tsoi and Joyce Lee)

Political Drivers of China’s Private Sector Demise
(Jamestown Foundation, 09/08/23, Daniel Fu)

China Prefers Guns to Butter: As the economy declines, the CCP leans heavily on the army
(, 09/07/23, Jacqueline N. Deal and Michael Mort)