Links (August 2023)

Tan Cheng Bock endorses Tan Kin Lian’s presidential bid
(Straits Times, 08/27/23, Chin Soo Fang)

Singapore is very fortunate, should welcome those of other nationalities who want to live here: Ng Kok Song
(Channel News Asia, 08/26/23, Ang Hwee Min and Loiusa Tang)

The world should study China’s crushing of Hong Kong’s freedoms
(The Economist, 08/24/23)

How to kill Chinese dynamism
(Taipei Times, 08/21/23, Yasheng Huang)

Cracks in China’s debt-ridden economy
(Taipei Times, 08/21/23, Paul Lin 林保華)

China’s Fertility Rate Dropped Sharply, Study Shows
(WSJ via MSN, 08/19/23, Liyan Qi)

As China’s economy, population implode, Xi is looking to start a war
(The Hill, 08/16/23, Gordon G. Chang)

China’s dilemma in trying to manage debt crisis
(, 08/16/23, Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian)

The moment of reckoning looms large for China’s property market as crisis deepens
(South China Morning Post, 08/15/23, Zhou Xin)

China’s youth job market is a nightmare. It’s changing the face of the country.
(Dow Jones via Morningstar, 08/15/23, Tanner Brown)

China’s internal turmoil could provoke war: official
(Taipei Times, 08/12/23, Chen Yu-fu and Jonathan Chin)

Materials Science Matters
(, 08/08/23, AJ Cortese)

How Taiwan’s Boba Tea Took Over the World
(, 08/07/23, Anne Ewbank)

Italy Turns Its Back on China’s Belt and Road
(Foreign Policy, 08/04/23, Christina Lu)