Links (February 2024)

Xi Jinping’s Self-Defeating Governance: Policy Implications and Power Politics with the Rise of Military-Industrial Leaders
(CLM, 02/29/24, Guoguang Wu)

China to PH: Taiwan a ‘red line’ issue, ‘tread carefully’
(, 02/09/24, John Eric Mendoza)

Has Xi Jinping lost control of the markets?
(The Economist, 02/08/24)

Hong Kong police vow to hunt exiled activist Agnes Chow ‘for life’
(, 02/08/24, Cheryl Tung and Kwong Wing)

New Reports on Digital Surveillance and DNA Collection in Tibet; Repression Against Tibetan Diaspora
(China Digital Times, 02/07/24, Arthur Kaufman)

Billionaire Cheng family seeks to oust Giordano CEO after failed buyout
(Straits Times, 02/06/24)

Why the Peak China story is overdone
(, Richard McGregor, 02/02/24)

“It’s Too Convenient to Say That Xi Jinping Is a Second Mao”
(, 02/01/24, Nick Frisch interview with Chun Han Wong)

China is facing a brutal reality as it desperately tries to fix its population-decline problem
(Yahoo News, 02/01/24, Lloyd Lee)

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