Links (January 2024)

Hong Kong leader starts push for new security laws, says city ‘can’t afford to wait’
(Reuters, 01/30/24, Jessie Pang and Greg Torode)

Hong Kong is becoming less of an international city
(The Economist, 01/25/24)

Chinese stocks have lost $6 trillion in 3 years. Here’s what you need to know
(CNN, 01/23/24, Laura He)

One Election, Two Reactions
(, 01/23/24, Dalia Parete)

China’s Economy Is in Serious Trouble
(NYT, 01/18/24, Paul Krugman)

Why China’s government is hushing up court rulings
(The Economist, 01/15/24)

KMT wins 52 legislative seats, DPP bags 51 and TPP eight
(Taipei Times, 01/14/24, Liu Tzu-hsuan)

Presidential Election: Lai’s victory sparks jubilation
(Taipei Times, 01/14/24, Jason Pan)

In re-electing its government, Taiwan has kept the status quo, but the victory hides a transformed political landscape
(, 01/13/24, Kai-Ping Huang)

Taiwan’s democracy thrives under the shadow of China
(East Asia Forum, 01/08/24, EAF editors)

Notes from Central Taiwan: Taiwan’s real housing crisis
(Taipei Times, 01/08/24, Michael Turton)

Iswaran’s corruption probe has had ‘big impact’ on West Coast GRC: Desmond Lee
(Straits Times, 01/08/24, Isabelle Liew)

Taiwan election: China sows doubt about US with disinformation
(BBC, 01/07/24, Tessa Wong)

Online Influencers Promote Han “Colonization” in Xinjiang
(China Digital Times, 01/05/24, Arthur Kaufman)

The three men vying to be Taiwan’s next president
(BBC, 01/05/24, Kelly Ng)

A restless Gen Z is reshaping the Chinese Dream
(BBC, 01/03/24, Laura Bicker)

An uncensored history of modern China
(, 01/01/24, Jenny Tang)