Links (April 2023)

Chinese money is flooding into Singapore, Beijing wishes it was being spent at home
(The Sydney Morning Herald, 04/21/23, Eryk Bagshaw)

Up to 3,500 high-net-worth individuals to become Singapore citizens in 2023, most from China
(The Business Times, 04/21/23, Yong Hui Ting)

Indonesian Family Buys Bungalows on Singapore’s Nassim Road for $155M
(, 04/19/23, Beatrice Laforga)

How Can China Contain Its $8.3 Trillion Fiscal Crisis?
(Bloomberg, 04/16/23, Shuli Ren)

Singaporean filmmaker Tan Pin Pin discusses collective memory and erasure of history
(Yale Daily News, 04/12/23, Miranda Jeyaretnam)

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ grew out of a lending spree. Now those loans may be its problem
(CNBC, 04/13/23, Sumathi Bala)

Hong Kong’s ‘new normal’ is anything but
(Nikkei Asia, 04/12/23, Pak Yiu)

Macron’s Beijing Trip Reinforces Sino-Franco Ties, Alienates U.S., Worries Europe
(China Digital Times, 04/11/23, Arthur Kaufman)

China’s BRI Bailouts Draw Mixed Reception
(China Digital Times, 04/06/23, Arthur Kaufman)

Why Xi Jinping is not another Chairman Mao
(The Economist, 04/05/23)