Links (May 2023)

Will the Virtual Reality Future Be Made in China?
(, 05/30/23, AJ Cortese)

One of China’s biggest cities is so cash-strapped it’s calling in debts
(CNN, 05/29/23, Laura He)

Chinese man suspected of making Taiwan bomb threats questioned by police
(CNA – Focus Taiwan, 05/25/23, Hsieh Hsin-en and Evelyn Kao)

Taiwan to receive NATO’s Link 22 radio system from US
(Taiwan News, 05/25/23, Matthew Strong)

The U.S.-Chinese Economic Relationship Is Changing—But Not Vanishing
(Foreign Affairs, 05/24/23, Jami Miscik, Peter Orszag, and Theodore Bunzel)

Russian hypersonic scientist accused of betraying secrets to China
(Reuters, 05/24/23, Filipp Lebedev, Lucy Papachristou and Mark Trevelyan)

China and G7 Nations Trade Accusations of Economic Coercion, Deepen Geopolitical Fault Lines
(China Digital Times, 05/23/23, Arthur Kaufman)

China looms behind KMT’s choice of Hou as presidential nominee
(Nikkei Asia, 05/19/23, Derek Grossman)

The Chinese Dream is dead because China’s Gen Z is flat broke, and they have the receipts to prove it
(Business Insider, 05/19/23, Cheryl Teh)

Comedian Pulls Back Curtain On Censorship Process After Army Joke Incident
(China Digital Times, 05/19/23, Alexander Boyd)