Links (March 2023)

Xi Jinping Says He Is Preparing China for War: The World Should Take Him Seriously
(Foreign Affairs, 03/29/23, John Pomfret and Matt Pottinger)

Return of the Party: Shifting Power from the Mandarin Class To the Political Class
(, 03/28/23, Damien Ma)

Former Taiwan president arrives in China pledging peace
(Reuters, 03/27/23, Fabian Hamacher and Ann Wang)

Honduras establishes diplomatic ties with China, severs them with Taiwan
(CNN, 03/26/23, Eric Cheung)

Xi Jinping’s Chinese Tragedy
(Project Syndicate, 03/24/23, Orville Schell interviewed by Irena Grudzinska Gross)

Why Taiwan’s 2024 Presidential Election is Wide Open
(Jamestown Foundation, 03/17/23, Matthew Fulco)

Heavyweight Xi Jinping gives himself a lightweight cabinet
(Nikkei Asia, 03/16/23, Katsuji Nakazawa)

Li Qiang: China appoints Xi Jinping ally as premier
(BBC, 03/11/23, George Wright)

Taiwan sets next presidential election for January 2024
(Nikkei Asia, 03/11/23, Hideaki Ryugen)

Xi Jinping begins historic third term as China’s president
(BBC, 03/10/23, Stephen McDonell and Joel Guinto)

Growing numbers of Chinese citizens set their sights on the US – via the deadly Darién Gap
(The Guardian, 03/08/23, Alicia Chen)

Xi Jinping’s power grab – and why it matters
(BBC, 03/04/23, Stephen McDonell)

The ‘Chinese century’ is not going to plan as turmoil looms
(The Sydney Morning Herald, 03/03/23, Melissa Lawford)

Taiwan reports 19 Chinese air force planes in its air defence zone
(Reuters, 03/01/23, Ben Blanchard and Yimou Lee)