Links (November 2023)

Xi vs. She: China’s government wants women to return to domesticity, but it’s already too late
(Globe and Mail, 11/30/23, Maya Wang and Tingting Li)

Coercion Cul-de-Sac: Upcoming Taiwan Elections and Beijing’s Broken Cross-Strait Relations Approach
(CLM, 11/30/23, Jude Blanchette)

Gold Bars and Tokyo Apartments: How Money Is Flowing Out of China
(NYT, 11/28/23, Keith Bradsher and Joy Dong)

Redacted Fantasy: China’s Dystopian Censorship of Online Fiction
(, 11/28/23, Eric R Stone)

Ed Yardeni says China’s aging population could make it ‘the world’s largest nursing home’
(Fortune via, 11/28/23, Will Daniel)

Business tycoon Terry Gou drops out of presidential race
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 11/24/23, Teng Pei-ju)

Taiwan’s opposition drama ends with no deal
(BBC, 11/24/23, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes)

Is China Returning to Export Dependence? Not Really
(, 11/21/23, Houze Song)

200 years of brotherhood: New book unveils mystery of Keng Teck Whay society
(Straits Times, 11/19/23, Chin Soo Fang)

APEC over, Taiwan reports renewed Chinese military activity
(Reuters, 11/18/23, Ben Blanchard)

Biden-Xi Meeting Stabilizes U.S.-China Relationship, For Now
(China Digital Times, 11/17/23, Arthur Kaufman)

Xi Jinping will consolidate his power in the coming year
(The Economist, 11/13/23, James Miles)

Chinese grieve popular ex-premier Li Keqiang in quiet show of dissent
(BBC, 11/02/23, Kelly Ng)

Singing from the CCP’s songsheet
(ASPI, 11/23, Fergus Ryan, Matt Knight and Daria Impiombato)