Noteworthy Links (October 2020)

A Plenum, a Plan… and a Paramount Leader?
(China Digital Times, 10/29/2020, Joseph Brouwer)

What to Expect from China’s New Five-Year Plan
(Rhodium Group, 10/26/2020, Vincent Zhu)

China Wants a Baby Boom. Its Parents Aren’t Interested
(Sixth Tone, 10/24/2020, Wang Lianzhang)

China’s Top Finance Regulators Send Raft of Policy Signals at 2020 Financial Street Forum
(China Banking News, 10/22/2020)

As China recovers from the pandemic, will zombie firms return?
(Peterson Institute for International Economics, China Economic Watch, 10/21/2020, Tianlei Huang)

CCTV Airs Disappeared Taiwan Citizens’ Confessions, War Games
(China Digital Times, 10/15/2020, Joseph Brouwer)

5 takeaways from Xi Jinping’s speech during 40th anniversary visit to Shenzhen
(South China Morning Post, 10/14/2020, Holly Chik)

Behind Xi Jinping’s Steely Façade, a Leadership Crisis Is Smoldering in China
(The Diplomat, 10/9/2020, Sarah Cook)