Links (March 2022)

Chinese Communist party expels former justice minister in latest purge
(The Guardian, 03/31/22, Vincent Ni)

China’s Crackdown on Hong Kong Democracy Intensified, U.S. Says
(Bloomberg, 03/31/22, David Wainer)

Senior British Judges Resign from Hong Kong’s Highest Court, Citing Erosion of Freedoms
(China Digital Times, 03/31/22, Oliver Young)

The brazen, alarming scale of China’s efforts to silence dissidents abroad
(Washington Post, 03/28/22, Mark L. Clifford)

Solomon Islands and China Seek to Deepen Security Partnership, Unnerving Neighbors
(China Digital Times, 03/25/22, Oliver Young)

U.S. Struggles to Find Balanced Approach Against CCP’s Transnational Repression
(China Digital Times, 03/24/22, Oliver Young)

Taiwan Losing Faith in U.S. Rescue if China Invades—Poll
(Newsweek, 03/23/22, John Feng)

Chinese military says U.S. destroyer’s passage through Taiwan Strait ‘provocative’
(Reuters, 03/19/22, Ryan Woo)

The Sunflower Legacy on Taiwan’s Party System
(Taiwan Insight – U. of Nottingham, 03/18/22, Dafydd Fell)

This was supposed to be Xi Jinping’s big year. Instead, he’s dealing with Covid and war
(CNN, 03/16/22, Simone McCarthy)

Rollback of Xi Jinping’s Economic Campaign Exposes Cracks in His Power
(WSJ, 03/15/22, Lingling Wei)

America returns to containment to deal with Russia and China
(Economist, 03/14/22)

China orders 51 million into lockdown as COVID surges
(ABC News, 03/14/22, Britt Clennett and Karson Yiu)

Premier Li Keqiang Confirms He Will Step Down From Role At End of Term
(China Digital Times, 03/14/22, Joseph Brouwer)

Was China Betting on Russian Defeat All Along?
(Geopolitical Monitor, 03/13/22, Csaba Barnabas Horvath)

Hong Kong leader Lam says city not yet past COVID peak
(Reuters, 03/12/22, James Pomfret and Hong Kong Bureau)

CCP Plays Matchmaker To Stave Off Demographic Crisis
(China Digital Times, 03/08/22, Oliver Young)

‘No Wavering’: After Turning to Putin, Xi Faces Hard Wartime Choices for China
(NYT, 03/07/22, Chris Buckley and Steven Lee Myers)

Putin’s War Is Xi’s Worst Nightmare
(Foreign Policy, 03/04/22, Craig Singleton)

China Is Not Russia. Taiwan Is Not Ukraine.
(United States Institute of Peace, 03/04/22, Andrew Scobell and Lucy Stevenson-Yang)

Invasions Are Not Contagious
(Foreign Affairs, 03/03/22, Oriana Skylar Mastro)