Links (April 2022)

HSBC faces pressure to split after push from one of its largest shareholders
(The Guardian, 04/29/22, Jasper Jolly)

Singaporean wins $100k prize in challenge to build AI models that detect deepfakes
(The Straits Times, 04/29/22, Rei Kurohi)

Denial of bail is silencing Hong Kong’s democrats
(BBC News, 04/28/22, Michael Bristow)

U.S. turns the screws on Solomon Islands to counter China
(POLITICO, 04/28/22, Phelim Kine)

The Only Five Paths China’s Economy Can Follow
(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 04/27/22, Michael Pettis)

Half of Taiwanese don’t believe U.S. would send troops if China invades
(Nikkei Asia, 04/27/22, Hideaki Ryugen)

Russia’s war on Ukraine makes China’s attack on Taiwan more likely
(The Hill, 04/26/22, Joseph Bosco)

Xi Puts Ideology Before Economy With Market-Busting Lockdowns
(Bloomberg, 04/25/22)

A Four-part Series on the Fall of Xi’s China – Courtney Donovan Smith
(Taiwan News, Courtney Donovan Smith)

HK working to block Taiwan in WTO: US report
(Taipei Times, 04/02/22)

Changing attitudes to idea of non-Chinese prime minister or president, CNA-IPS study finds
(Channel News Asia – CNA, 04/02/22, Vanessa Lim)

Verdict Deferred in Australian Journalist Cheng Lei’s Espionage Trial
(China Digital Times, 04/01/22, Oliver Young)

China extends Shanghai coronavirus lockdown as frustration mounts over strict “zero-COVID” policy
(CBS News, 04/01/22)