Links (June 2022)

China Destroyed Muslim Culture In This Ancient City — Then Turned It Into Disneyland
(BuzzFeed News, 06/30/22, Alison Killing, Megha Rajagopalan, and Christo Buschek)

China’s Xi Names Police Ally to Head Public Security Ministry
(Bloomberg, 06/27/22)

How Singapore’s Disneyland Went to Hong Kong Instead
(, 06/26/22)

Never mind China’s new aircraft carrier, these are the ships the US should worry about
(CNN, 06/26/22, Brad Lendon)

Taiwan jets scramble again to warn away China’s air force
(Reuters, 06/23/22)

Rewritten Schoolbooks Say Hong Kong Was Never British Colony
(Bloomberg, 06/14/22, Krystal Chia)

China Alarms US With Private Warnings to Avoid Taiwan Strait
(Bloomberg, 06/12/22, Peter Martin)

Ministry of State Security Offers Big Rewards For National Security Tips
(China Digital Times, 06/10/22, Joseph Brouwer)

US Navy aircraft carriers may be useless in a war with China
(Task & Purpose, 06/09/22, Jeff Schogol)

China’s military may be capable of war against Taiwan and allied forces by 2027: MND
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 06/04/22, Matt Yu and Lee Hsin-Yin)

U.S. puts back ‘no support of Taiwan independence’ statement on fact sheet
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 06/03/22, Stacy Hsu and Shih Hsiu-chuan)

China Fighter Pilots Raised Middle Finger at Canada Air Force Crew—Report
(Newsweek, 06/02/22, John Feng)

From Zero-COVID to Stabilising the Economy
(, 06/01/22, Adam Ni)

Links (May 2022)

Why China Is Miles Ahead in a Pacific Race for Influence
(New York Times, 05/31/22, Damien Cave)

Heartbreak, Disinformation, and New Punitive Measures in the Wake of Xinjiang Police Files Release
(China Digital Times, 05/27/22, Oliver Young)

The Symbol of a New, Darker Hong Kong
(The Atlantic, 05/25/22, Timothy McLaughlin)

Hong Kong Catholic cardinal criticises China deal after national security arrest
(Reuters, 05/24/22, Jessie Pang and Greg Torode)

U.S. Speeds Up Reshaping of Taiwan’s Defenses to Deter China
(New York Times, 05/24/22, Edward Wong and Eric Schmitt)

Alleged leaked audio reveals Chinese commanders planning mobilization for war with Taiwan
(Taiwan News, 05/24/22, Keoni Everington)

Biden Pledges to Defend Taiwan if It Faces a Chinese Attack
(New York Times, 05/23/22, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Peter Baker)

The Topsy-Turvy End of Zero COVID in Taiwan
(New Yorker, 05/23/22, Clarissa Wei)

Foreign investors are fleeing China
(Economist, 05/22/22, updated 05/27/22)

Canada Kicks Out Huawei, U.S. Weighs Further Sanctions on Hikvision, China Invests in Undermining Sanctions
(China Digital Times, 05/20/22, Oliver Young)

China’s Economic Headwinds
( 05/19/22, Brian Wong)

Sri Lanka’s Meltdown Puts China’s Strategic Influence in Jeopardy
(The Diplomat, 05/18/22, Mohamed Zeeshan)

Leaked Database Reveals Intensity of Imprisonment in Xinjiang; Rights Groups Skeptical of UN Visit
(China Digital Times, 05/17/22, Oliver Young)

What We Know About the California Church Shooter
(Vice, 05/17/22, Rachel Cheung)

‘We are the last generation’: China’s harsh lockdowns could exacerbate population crisis
(CNN, 05/16/22, Nectar Gan)

Hong Kong has been transformed into a police state
(Daily Compass, 05/14/22, Charles Maung Bo)

China is in a tough spot
(GZERO Media, 05/12/22, Willis Sparks)

Hong Kong: Statement on the Arrests of 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund Trustees
(CECC, 05/11/22)

Former VP Lu suggests Taiwan-China federation
(Taipei Times, 05/08/22, Jason Pan)

Hong Kong Reaches a Grim Milestone: 1,000 Political Prisoners
(Hong Kong Democracy Council – HKDC, May 2022)

Links (April 2022)

HSBC faces pressure to split after push from one of its largest shareholders
(The Guardian, 04/29/22, Jasper Jolly)

Singaporean wins $100k prize in challenge to build AI models that detect deepfakes
(The Straits Times, 04/29/22, Rei Kurohi)

Denial of bail is silencing Hong Kong’s democrats
(BBC News, 04/28/22, Michael Bristow)

U.S. turns the screws on Solomon Islands to counter China
(POLITICO, 04/28/22, Phelim Kine)

The Only Five Paths China’s Economy Can Follow
(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 04/27/22, Michael Pettis)

Half of Taiwanese don’t believe U.S. would send troops if China invades
(Nikkei Asia, 04/27/22, Hideaki Ryugen)

Russia’s war on Ukraine makes China’s attack on Taiwan more likely
(The Hill, 04/26/22, Joseph Bosco)

Xi Puts Ideology Before Economy With Market-Busting Lockdowns
(Bloomberg, 04/25/22)

A Four-part Series on the Fall of Xi’s China – Courtney Donovan Smith
(Taiwan News, Courtney Donovan Smith)

HK working to block Taiwan in WTO: US report
(Taipei Times, 04/02/22)

Changing attitudes to idea of non-Chinese prime minister or president, CNA-IPS study finds
(Channel News Asia – CNA, 04/02/22, Vanessa Lim)

Verdict Deferred in Australian Journalist Cheng Lei’s Espionage Trial
(China Digital Times, 04/01/22, Oliver Young)

China extends Shanghai coronavirus lockdown as frustration mounts over strict “zero-COVID” policy
(CBS News, 04/01/22)

Links (March 2022)

Chinese Communist party expels former justice minister in latest purge
(The Guardian, 03/31/22, Vincent Ni)

China’s Crackdown on Hong Kong Democracy Intensified, U.S. Says
(Bloomberg, 03/31/22, David Wainer)

Senior British Judges Resign from Hong Kong’s Highest Court, Citing Erosion of Freedoms
(China Digital Times, 03/31/22, Oliver Young)

The brazen, alarming scale of China’s efforts to silence dissidents abroad
(Washington Post, 03/28/22, Mark L. Clifford)

Solomon Islands and China Seek to Deepen Security Partnership, Unnerving Neighbors
(China Digital Times, 03/25/22, Oliver Young)

U.S. Struggles to Find Balanced Approach Against CCP’s Transnational Repression
(China Digital Times, 03/24/22, Oliver Young)

Taiwan Losing Faith in U.S. Rescue if China Invades—Poll
(Newsweek, 03/23/22, John Feng)

Chinese military says U.S. destroyer’s passage through Taiwan Strait ‘provocative’
(Reuters, 03/19/22, Ryan Woo)

The Sunflower Legacy on Taiwan’s Party System
(Taiwan Insight – U. of Nottingham, 03/18/22, Dafydd Fell)

This was supposed to be Xi Jinping’s big year. Instead, he’s dealing with Covid and war
(CNN, 03/16/22, Simone McCarthy)

Rollback of Xi Jinping’s Economic Campaign Exposes Cracks in His Power
(WSJ, 03/15/22, Lingling Wei)

America returns to containment to deal with Russia and China
(Economist, 03/14/22)

China orders 51 million into lockdown as COVID surges
(ABC News, 03/14/22, Britt Clennett and Karson Yiu)

Premier Li Keqiang Confirms He Will Step Down From Role At End of Term
(China Digital Times, 03/14/22, Joseph Brouwer)

Was China Betting on Russian Defeat All Along?
(Geopolitical Monitor, 03/13/22, Csaba Barnabas Horvath)

Hong Kong leader Lam says city not yet past COVID peak
(Reuters, 03/12/22, James Pomfret and Hong Kong Bureau)

CCP Plays Matchmaker To Stave Off Demographic Crisis
(China Digital Times, 03/08/22, Oliver Young)

‘No Wavering’: After Turning to Putin, Xi Faces Hard Wartime Choices for China
(NYT, 03/07/22, Chris Buckley and Steven Lee Myers)

Putin’s War Is Xi’s Worst Nightmare
(Foreign Policy, 03/04/22, Craig Singleton)

China Is Not Russia. Taiwan Is Not Ukraine.
(United States Institute of Peace, 03/04/22, Andrew Scobell and Lucy Stevenson-Yang)

Invasions Are Not Contagious
(Foreign Affairs, 03/03/22, Oriana Skylar Mastro)

Links (February 2022)

China parliament to choose stimulus over reforms as economy slows
(Reuters, 02/28/22, Kevin Yao)

Biden sends former top defense officials to Taiwan in show of support
(Reuters, 02/28/2022, Michael Martina and David Brunnstrom)

Singapore strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: PM Lee
(Straits Times, 02/28/2022, Hariz Baharudin)

Singapore to impose sanctions on Russia, including bank transactions
(Reuters, 02/28/2022, Aradhana Aravindan)

PAP’s Christopher de Souza to 4G leaders: Please apply your minds to succession planning
(Straits Times, 02/28/2022, Linette Lai)

HK’s population fell by 23,600 last year: officials
(RTHK, 02/28/2022)

Taiwan says chip companies complying with Russia export controls
(Reuters, 02/27/2022, Ben Blanchard)

Total stoppage in production and shipment of Russian Elbrus and Baikal
(, 02/27/2022)

China’s SWIFT alternative may undercut US sanctions
(Asia Times, 02/25/2022, David P Goldman)

China Is About to Regulate AI—and the World Is Watching
(Wired, 02/22/2022, Jennifer Conrad and Will Knight)

China Crackdown Risk Roars Back in Probe of Jack Ma’s Empire
(Bloomberg, 02/22/2022, Coco Liu, Zheping Huang, and Vlad Savov)

Op-Ed: How Nixon’s fabled trip to China, 50 years ago this week, led to today’s Taiwan crisis
(Los Angeles Times, 02/21/22, James Mann)

CCP Gestures Towards Women’s Rights to Sweeten Pro-natalist Shift
(China Digital Times, 02/18/2022, Oliver Young)

Citi moves senior equities staff out of Hong Kong to Singapore and elsewhere amid Covid-19 woes
(Bloomberg via Straits Times, 02/17/2022)

Guangdong sending help to HK to fight Covid
(RTHK, 02/17/2022)

For two years, Hong Kong held off the pandemic. Then, everything fell apart
(Washington Post, 02/16/2022, Shibani Mahtani and Theodora Yu)

Hong Kong faces its worst outbreak of the pandemic even as it sticks with ‘zero-COVID’ strategy
(AP via PBS, 02/16/2022)

Vaccine maker Moderna to establish subsidiary in Taiwan
(CNA – Focus Taiwan, 02/16/2022, Christie Chen)

U.S. Sees China Watching Ukraine Crisis as Proxy for Taiwan
(Bloomberg, 02/11/2022, Peter Martin)

Mystery Plane Tests ‘Loophole’ in Taiwan’s Defenses
(WSJ, 02/11/2022, Joyu Wang)

Vatican scoffs at Taiwan, Hong Kong pullout rumors
(, 02/11/22, Christopher Joseph)

Singapore’s Energy Dilemma a Small-Nation Warning
(Bloomberg, 02/10/2022, Ann Koh)

Taiwan is making new friends in Europe. China isn’t happy about it
(, 02/02/22, David Hutt)

Links (January 2022)

Hong Kong leader delays filling post, raising questions about judiciary’s independence
(Reuters, 01/31/22, Greg Torode)

Living by the Code: In China, Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the Virus
(NYT, 01/30/22, Chris Buckley, Vivian Wang and Keith Bradsher)

Australian PM Fumbles WeChat Account in Election Season
(China Digital Times, 01/28/22, Oliver Young)

Xi Jinping’s iron grip on power brings new form of corruption, China experts tell US congressional advisory panel
(SCMP via Yahoo Finance, 01/28/22, Jacob Fromer)

Low-carbon ambitions must not interfere with ‘normal life’, says Xi Jinping
(The Guardian, 01/26/22, Vincent Ni)

Taiwan’s president: ‘the way of Tsai’ part I, the KMT side of Tsai
(Taiwan News, 01/26/22, Courtney Donovan Smith – 石東文)

Laws to be amended to combat spying: Chris Tang
(RTHK, 01/26/22)

China flies 39 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone in a day
(AFP via CBS News, 01/24/22)

Lithuania needs much more than removing ‘Taiwan’ from office name to mend ties with China
(Global Times, 01/22/22, Zhang Tengjun)

‘My hell in Beijing’s sterilisation camp’: Uighur Muslim incarcerated for three years at a ‘re-education’ jail relives chilling ordeal
(Daily Mail, 01/22/22, Gulbahar Haitiwaji)

UK Intelligence Agency Targets China’s United Front
(The Diplomat, 01/22/22, Duncan Bartlett)

Sink or swim: Australia, Taiwan face deep sub dilemmas
(Asia Times, 01/22/22, Gabriel Honrada)

Chinese Government Has Coerced 10,000 “Fugitives” Back to China
(China Digital Times, 01/20/22, Oliver Young)

Taiwan’s TSMC looks to maintain lead over Samsung with $44 billion CAPEX
(Taiwan News, 01/18/22, Eric Chang)

Changes in Leadership Emphasize Antiterrorism Approach in Hong Kong
(China Digital Times, 01/11/22, Oliver Young)

With beer, rum and chocolate, Taiwan rallies behind Lithuania in spat with China
(Washington Post, 01/06/22, Lily Kuo)

US, Germany support Lithuania in spat with China over Taiwan
(AP, 01/05/22)

Links (December 2021)

How Chinese Police Track Critics on Twitter and Facebook
(New York Times, 12/31/21 – updated 1/1/22 , Muyi Xiao and Paul Mozur)

Cost of living likely a major pressure point in 2022, says WP’s Pritam Singh
(Straits Times, 12/31/21, Goh Yan Han)

How democracy was dismantled in Hong Kong in 2021
(The Mainichi, 12/30/21)

Stand News’ Headquarters Raided, Executives Arrested, Computers Seized
(China Digital Times, 12/30/21, Joseph Brouwer)

In-depth report details Apple’s shift to Chinese suppliers to ‘cut costs and curry favor with Beijing’
(, 12/30/21, Chance Miller)

How Apple Grew Closer to China By Turning ‘Little Foxconn’ Into a National Champion
(, 12/30/21, Wayne Ma)

After Diplomatic Switch, Nicaragua Seizes Taiwan’s Embassy and Hands It Over to China
(China Digital Times, 12/29/21, Oliver Young)

The long shadow of the Chinese Communist Party
(The New Statesman, 12/23/21, Yupina Ng)

Peng Shuai Interview Leaves Much Unanswered
(China Digital Times, 12/21/21, Joseph Brouwer)

Record Low Turnout for Hong Kong’s “Patriots Only” Election in Rebuke to Beijing
(China Digital Times, 12/21/21, Oliver Young)

Foreign banks to cast votes in Hong Kong’s ‘patriots only’ election, as citizens’ voting power shrinks
(HKFP, 12/18/21, Hillary Leung)

Four referendum questions fail to pass on low turnout
(Focus Taiwan, 12/18/21, Teng Pei-ju)

Taiwan resumes military cooperation with Singapore
(Taiwan News, 12/17/21, Kelvin Chen)

AMD Becomes TSMC’s Third Largest Customer
(, 12/16/21, Anton Shilov)

Beijing criticises UK for creating ‘second-class citizens’ with Hong Kong visa scheme
(The Guardian, 12/15/21, Rhoda Kwan)

Nicaragua ends relations with Taiwan in diplomatic victory for China
(CNN, 12/10/21, Karol Suarez, Isa Soares and Ben Westcott)

In struggle between autocracy and democracy, Biden chooses Taiwan for his team
(LA Times, 12/08/21, Chris Megerian)

How China Uses Economic Coercion to Silence Critics and Achieve its Political Aims Globally
(CECC, 12/07/21)

‘We could sniff out opium dens on our own’: Retired CNB officers on their job in the 1970s
(Straits Times, 12/05/21, Zaihan Mohamed Yusof)

Caught between politics and the pandemic, a few kilometres from China, Taiwan’s Kinmen island rethinks its economy
(HKFP, 12/05/21, Alice Herait and William Han)

Links (November 2021)

Protests Engulf Solomon Islands and Chinese Businesses Amid Geopolitical Rivalries
(China Digital Times, 11/30/2021, Oliver Young)

Leaked papers link Xinjiang crackdown with China leadership
(The Guardian, 11/29/21, Patrick Wintour)

Laundering Cotton: How Xinjiang Cotton is Obscured in International Supply Chains
(Sheffield Hallam University – Helena Kennedy Centre for Intenational Justice, November 2021, Laura T. Murphy, et al.)

Chinese province targets journalists, foreign students with planned new surveillance system
(Reuters, 11/29/21, Beijing Newsroom)

U.S. lawmakers defy China by meeting with officials in Taiwan
(NBC News, 11/25/2021, Jonathan Allen)

Australia deploys forces to Solomon Islands as protesters burn Chinatown, Parliament
(Washington Post, 11/25/2021, Michael E. Miller)

U.S. invites Taiwan to its democracy summit; China angered
(Reuters, 11/24/2021, Humeyra Pamuk)

Hijacking The Mainstream—CCP Influence Agencies in Italian Parliamentary and Local Politics
(Sinopsis, 11/20/2021, Livia Codarin, Laura Harth, and Jichang Lulu)

Speculation island: Why are Taiwan’s housing prices soaring?
(CommonWealth Magazine, 11/19/21, Kwangyin Liu, Teng Kai-yuan, and Chen-kang Kang)

US condemned over NSL report
(RTHK, 11/18/21)

2021 Report to Congress of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
(U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, November 2021)

So long, Hong Kong: Asia’s business hub loses its luster
(Nikkei Asia, 11/17/21, Pak Yiu)

Chinese Feminists and Global Tennis Stars Ask, “Where Is Peng Shuai?”
(China Digital Times, 11/15/21, Joseph Brouwer)

First they came for the Hong Kong protesters. Then they came for their lawyers.
(Washington Post, 11/03/21, Editorial Board)

Taiwan’s leaders need to coalesce around a defense concept
(Brookings Institute, 11/01/21, Ryan Hass)

Links (October 2021)

The strongest weapon in Xi Jinping’s common prosperity armoury is a property tax
(Quartz, 10/29/21, Jane Li)

Legal aid reform: Critics fear right to choose lawyer will be undermined but Hong Kong gov’t advisor says plan will be ‘fairer’
(HKFP, 10/25/21, Selina Cheng)

Taiwan: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
(HBO, 10/24/21, John Oliver)

Why Lithuania Holds the Key to TSMC’s Future
(TechTaiwan, 10/21/21, Misha Lu)

Smuggling Australian rock lobsters into China a national security threat, Hong Kong customs chief says
(AFP via The Guardian, 10/21/21)

Inside TSMC, the Taiwanese chipmaking giant that’s building a new plant in Phoenix
(CNBC, 10/16/21, Katie Schoolov)

Chinese State-Backed Disinformation on Covid-19 Origins Dominates Search Engine Results
(China Digital Times, 10/08/21, Oliver Young)

Harvard Beijing Academy’s Move to Taipei
(The Crimson, 10/07/21, Io Y. Gilman and Isabel Wu)

New Accounts Describe Torture, Forced Labor Facing Xinjiang Detainees
(China Digital Times, 10/07/21, Oliver Young)