Links (December 2022)

China’s COVID policymaking under scrutiny as infections soar
(Reuters, 12/29/22, Eduardo Baptista and Ryan Woo)

Taiwan to extend mandatory military service from 4 to 12 months
(Radio Free Asia –, 12/27/22, rfa staff)

Will a Successor to Xi Jinping Emerge from the Party’s Seventh-Generation Leadership?
(Jamestown Foundation, 12/16/22, Willy Wo-Lap Lam)

China v Jimmy Lai: a tycoon, a trial and the erosion of Hong Kong’s rule of law
(The Guardian, 12/15/22, Verna Yu)

Point of No Return: Beijing’s Move to Covid Coexistence Is Here to Stay
(, 12/13/22, Houze Song)

China’s Blank-Paper Protests Are Only a Beginning
(The Atlantic, 12/02/22, Rory Truex)

Singapore Chips Away at Hong Kong’s Hedge Fund Dominance
(Bloomberg, 12/01/22)

Xi Broke the Social Contract That Helped China Prosper
(New York Times, 12/01/22, Yasheng Huang)

Links (November 2022)

Jiang Zemin, Leader Who Guided China Into Global Market, Dies at 96
(New York Times, 11/30/22, Chris Buckley and Michael Wines)

Why do some Asian countries embrace democracy while others reject it?
(Washington Post, 11/30/23, Warren I. Cohen)

Protests erupt across China in unprecedented challenge to Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy
(CNN, 11/28/22, Nectar Gan)

2022 elections: DPP routed across the board
(Taipei Times, 11/27/22, Kayleigh Madjar)

PAP appoints Lawrence Wong as deputy secretary-general
(Straits Times, 11/26/22, Lee Li Ying)

China central bank to offer cheap loans to support developers’ bonds
(Reuters, 11/25/22, Julie Zhu and Engen Tham)

Hong Kong court convicts Cardinal Zen and 5 others over failing to register protester relief fund as society
(HKFP, 11/25/22, Peter Lee)

Shrinking Birth Rates Accelerate China’s Demographic Crisis
(China Digital Times, 11/23/22, Oliver Young)

China Announces First COVID Deaths In Months Amidst Surging Outbreaks
(China Digital Times, 11/21/22, Alexander Boyd)

Apple bows to Beijing, again
(, 11/17/22, Ellery Roberts Biddle)

Links (October 2022)

20th Party Congress Primes China for Continued Confrontation Around the World
(China Digital Times, 10/26/22, Oliver Young)

China Budget Deficit Nears Record $1 Trillion Amid Slowdown
(Bloomberg, 10/25/22)

Xi Jinping chooses ‘yes’ men over economic growth in politburo purge
(The Guardian, 10/23/22, Helen Davidson and Verna Yu)

Xi Jinping secures historic third term as leader of China
(NBC News, 10/23/22, Jennifer Jett and Megan Lebowitz)

Hu Jintao escorted out of party congress
(Reuters, 10/22/22, Eduardo Baptista, Ryan Woo, Tony Munroe and Yew Lun Tian)

What Xi Jinping has done for Chinese business
(Nikkei Asia, 10/21/22, Nikkei staff writers)

Hong Kong protester dragged into Manchester Chinese consulate grounds and beaten up
(BBC, 10/17/22, Lok Lee and Elsa Maishman)

Who Are Xi’s Enemies?
(Foreign Policy, 10/15/22, Deng Yuwen)

Party of One: The CCP Congress and Xi Jinping’s Quest to Control China
(Foreign Affairs, 10/14/22, Jude Blanchette)

‘We Want Freedom’: China Wipes Xi Protest Footage Off the Web
(Asia Financial, 10/14/22, Alfie Habershon)

China can now deploy hypersonic nukes on its carriers
(Asia Times, 10/14/22, Gabriel Honrada)

New U.S. Export Controls Aim to Curtail China’s Access to Advanced Semiconductor Technology
(China Digital Times, 10/13/22, Oliver Young)

Seventh Plenum of the 19th Central Committee
(, 10/12/22, Adam Ni)

“Political Clique” Purged from State Security Apparatus Ahead of Party Congress
(China Digital Times, 10/07/22, Alexander Boyd)

The farmers caught up in Taiwan’s tensions with China
(BBC, 10/06/22, Erin Hale)

U.S. Aims to Turn Taiwan Into Giant Weapons Depot
(New York Times, 10/05/22, Edward Wong and John Ismay)

Report to Congress on Hypersonic Missile Defense
(, 10/05/22)

China Is Suffering A Major Financial Crisis
(Forbes, 10/03/22, Milton Ezrati)

China racing for 6th-gen fighter edge over US
(Asia Times, 10/01/22, Gabriel Honrada)

Links (September 2022)

The Party Remakes China: What to Watch for After the 20th Party Congress
(UC San Diego, September 2022, School of Global Policy and Strategy)

In Taiwan, a national drone fleet rises from the ruins
(CommonWealth, 09/30/22, Meng-hsuan Yang and Elaine Huang)

New Reports Detail Chinese Influence Operations in Foreign Media
(China Digital Times, 09/29/22, Oliver Young)

105-year-old party elder sends blunt message to Xi
(Nikkei Asia, 09/29/22, Katsuji Nakazawa)

China turns to military microaggressions to demoralize Taiwan
(Taiwan News, 09/28/22, Matthew Strong)

The coming Chinese-Russian conflict
(Washington Times, 09/26/22, Richard W. Rahn)

Chinese J-15 Fighters Fly Directly Over U.S. Navy Destroyer In New Video
(, 09/26/22, Thomas Newdick)

China’s Mistakes Can Be America’s Gain
(The Atlantic, 09/26/22, Michael Schuman)

Josh Chin on China’s Surveillance State
(China Digital Times, 09/23/22, Oliver Young)

Biden’s trade war against himself
(CGTN, 09/22/22, Anne O. Krueger)

China believes mass surveillance will help it engineer the perfect society
(.coda, 09/21/22, Liam Scott)

Central Asia and China’s Taiwan Dilemma
(Foreign Policy Research Institute, 09/20/2, Niva Yau Tsz Yan)

Biden leaves no doubt: ‘Strategic ambiguity’ toward Taiwan is dead
(Politico, 09/19/22, Phelim Kine)

5 Ways China Could Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
(, 09/17/22, Brent M. Eastwood)

Brain drain hits Hong Kong’s education sector as teachers and students join exodus
(AFP via HKFP, 09/03/22, Su Xinqi and Holmes Chan)

Biden administration approves more than $1.1B in arms sales to Taiwan
(CNN, 09/02/22, Jennifer Hansler)

Taiwan moves anti-drone guns to offshore islands due to China threat
(Taiwan News, 09/02/22, Matthew Strong)

China’s median line violations suggest Taiwan ‘decapitation’ rehearsal
(Politico, 09/01/22, Phelim Kine)

US bars Nvidia and AMD from selling AI-centric accelerators to China and Russia
(The Register, 09/01/22, Laura Dobberstein)

Links (August 2022)

China Party Congress to Offer Clues on Overhaul of Economic Team
(Bloomberg, 08/31/22, Tom Hancock)

China sets October start for congress seen as Xi coronation
(Reuters, 08/31/22, Tony Munroe and Yew Lun Tian)

The Censorship Machine Erasing China’s Feminist Movement
(New Yorker, 08/29/22, Han Zhang)

Taiwan aims for big rise in defence spending amid escalating China tension
(Reuters, 08/25/22, Yimou Lee and Ben Blanchard)

Taiwan to install drone defences after video posted on Chinese social media of soldiers throwing rocks
(Reuters via Australian Broadcasting Corporation – ABC News, 08/25/22)

China’s Growth Sacrifice
(Project Syndicate, 08/23/22, Stephen S. Roach)

For China’s Top Leaders — Other Than Xi — Age Is More Than Just a Number
(VOA, 08/23/22, Fang Bing)

Growing pains: China’s faltering economy tests leadership’s nerve
(The Guardian, 08/20/22, Vincent Ni)

China forcing political critics into psychiatric hospitals: report
(Nikkei Asia, 08/16/22, Pak Yiu)

A second US congressional delegation visits Taiwan
(CNN, 08/15/22, Eric Cheung and Devan Cole)

Zhou Xiaoxuan Loses Appeal in Landmark #MeToo Case
(China Digital Times, 08/12/22, Joseph Brouwer)

China’s Surveillance Technology
(, 08/05/22, National Endowment for Democracy)

Raising the Curtain on China’s 20th Party Congress: Mechanics, Rules, “Norms,” and the Realities of Power
(Asia Society, 08/04/22, Christopher K. Johnson)

Pelosi arrives in Taiwan vowing U.S. commitment; China enraged
(Reuters, 08/02/22, Yimou Lee and Sarah Wu)

Links (July 2022)

Pentagon calls out China’s military threats as Taiwan tensions worsen
(Washington Post, 07/27/22, Karoun Demirjian)

How China could leapfrog US chip-making bans
(Asia Times, 07/14/22, David P. Goldman)

Why a Xi Jinping Third Term Looks Secure
(The Diplomat, 07/11/22, Dan Macklin)

Why China’s Massive Data Leak Is So Chilling
(Bloomberg, 07/11/22, Sarah Zheng)

China crushes mass protest by bank depositors demanding their life savings back
(CNN, 07/11/22, Nectar Gan)

Taiwan’s population falls year-on-year in June
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 07/08/22, Lai Yu-chen and Lee Hsin-Yin)

Private information of more than 100 Australians exposed amid huge China police data leak
(ABC, 07/07/22, Bang Xiao)

China Property Debt Crisis Is Just Beginning, Charlene Chu Says
(Bloomberg, 07/07/22, Chris Anstey)

China: MI5 and FBI heads warn of ‘immense’ threat
(BBC, 07/07/22, Gordon Corera)

How Xiao Jianhua Angered President Xi
(Foreign Policy, 07/06/22, James Palmer)

Vatican envoy in Hong Kong warns Catholic missions to prepare for China crackdown
(Japan Times, 07/05/22, Greg Torode)

Taiwan’s college professors face layoffs as universities continue to shut down
(Taiwan News, 07/04/22, Casey Ho)

An Anatomy of Erasure: How a free and open Hong Kong became a police state
(Economist, 07/01/22)

With Kinmen Comments, Ko Wen-je Dives Into Cross-Strait Debate
(The Diplomat, 07/01/22, Brian Hioe)

Links (June 2022)

China Destroyed Muslim Culture In This Ancient City — Then Turned It Into Disneyland
(BuzzFeed News, 06/30/22, Alison Killing, Megha Rajagopalan, and Christo Buschek)

China’s Xi Names Police Ally to Head Public Security Ministry
(Bloomberg, 06/27/22)

How Singapore’s Disneyland Went to Hong Kong Instead
(, 06/26/22)

Never mind China’s new aircraft carrier, these are the ships the US should worry about
(CNN, 06/26/22, Brad Lendon)

Taiwan jets scramble again to warn away China’s air force
(Reuters, 06/23/22)

Rewritten Schoolbooks Say Hong Kong Was Never British Colony
(Bloomberg, 06/14/22, Krystal Chia)

China Alarms US With Private Warnings to Avoid Taiwan Strait
(Bloomberg, 06/12/22, Peter Martin)

Ministry of State Security Offers Big Rewards For National Security Tips
(China Digital Times, 06/10/22, Joseph Brouwer)

US Navy aircraft carriers may be useless in a war with China
(Task & Purpose, 06/09/22, Jeff Schogol)

China’s military may be capable of war against Taiwan and allied forces by 2027: MND
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 06/04/22, Matt Yu and Lee Hsin-Yin)

U.S. puts back ‘no support of Taiwan independence’ statement on fact sheet
(Focus Taiwan – CNA, 06/03/22, Stacy Hsu and Shih Hsiu-chuan)

China Fighter Pilots Raised Middle Finger at Canada Air Force Crew—Report
(Newsweek, 06/02/22, John Feng)

From Zero-COVID to Stabilising the Economy
(, 06/01/22, Adam Ni)

Links (May 2022)

Why China Is Miles Ahead in a Pacific Race for Influence
(New York Times, 05/31/22, Damien Cave)

Heartbreak, Disinformation, and New Punitive Measures in the Wake of Xinjiang Police Files Release
(China Digital Times, 05/27/22, Oliver Young)

The Symbol of a New, Darker Hong Kong
(The Atlantic, 05/25/22, Timothy McLaughlin)

Hong Kong Catholic cardinal criticises China deal after national security arrest
(Reuters, 05/24/22, Jessie Pang and Greg Torode)

U.S. Speeds Up Reshaping of Taiwan’s Defenses to Deter China
(New York Times, 05/24/22, Edward Wong and Eric Schmitt)

Alleged leaked audio reveals Chinese commanders planning mobilization for war with Taiwan
(Taiwan News, 05/24/22, Keoni Everington)

Biden Pledges to Defend Taiwan if It Faces a Chinese Attack
(New York Times, 05/23/22, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Peter Baker)

The Topsy-Turvy End of Zero COVID in Taiwan
(New Yorker, 05/23/22, Clarissa Wei)

Foreign investors are fleeing China
(Economist, 05/22/22, updated 05/27/22)

Canada Kicks Out Huawei, U.S. Weighs Further Sanctions on Hikvision, China Invests in Undermining Sanctions
(China Digital Times, 05/20/22, Oliver Young)

China’s Economic Headwinds
( 05/19/22, Brian Wong)

Sri Lanka’s Meltdown Puts China’s Strategic Influence in Jeopardy
(The Diplomat, 05/18/22, Mohamed Zeeshan)

Leaked Database Reveals Intensity of Imprisonment in Xinjiang; Rights Groups Skeptical of UN Visit
(China Digital Times, 05/17/22, Oliver Young)

What We Know About the California Church Shooter
(Vice, 05/17/22, Rachel Cheung)

‘We are the last generation’: China’s harsh lockdowns could exacerbate population crisis
(CNN, 05/16/22, Nectar Gan)

Hong Kong has been transformed into a police state
(Daily Compass, 05/14/22, Charles Maung Bo)

China is in a tough spot
(GZERO Media, 05/12/22, Willis Sparks)

Hong Kong: Statement on the Arrests of 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund Trustees
(CECC, 05/11/22)

Former VP Lu suggests Taiwan-China federation
(Taipei Times, 05/08/22, Jason Pan)

Hong Kong Reaches a Grim Milestone: 1,000 Political Prisoners
(Hong Kong Democracy Council – HKDC, May 2022)

Links (April 2022)

HSBC faces pressure to split after push from one of its largest shareholders
(The Guardian, 04/29/22, Jasper Jolly)

Singaporean wins $100k prize in challenge to build AI models that detect deepfakes
(The Straits Times, 04/29/22, Rei Kurohi)

Denial of bail is silencing Hong Kong’s democrats
(BBC News, 04/28/22, Michael Bristow)

U.S. turns the screws on Solomon Islands to counter China
(POLITICO, 04/28/22, Phelim Kine)

The Only Five Paths China’s Economy Can Follow
(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 04/27/22, Michael Pettis)

Half of Taiwanese don’t believe U.S. would send troops if China invades
(Nikkei Asia, 04/27/22, Hideaki Ryugen)

Russia’s war on Ukraine makes China’s attack on Taiwan more likely
(The Hill, 04/26/22, Joseph Bosco)

Xi Puts Ideology Before Economy With Market-Busting Lockdowns
(Bloomberg, 04/25/22)

A Four-part Series on the Fall of Xi’s China – Courtney Donovan Smith
(Taiwan News, Courtney Donovan Smith)

HK working to block Taiwan in WTO: US report
(Taipei Times, 04/02/22)

Changing attitudes to idea of non-Chinese prime minister or president, CNA-IPS study finds
(Channel News Asia – CNA, 04/02/22, Vanessa Lim)

Verdict Deferred in Australian Journalist Cheng Lei’s Espionage Trial
(China Digital Times, 04/01/22, Oliver Young)

China extends Shanghai coronavirus lockdown as frustration mounts over strict “zero-COVID” policy
(CBS News, 04/01/22)